Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Stop Work Order issued at Jamaica hotel

From PIX11:

Dorothy Singh lives in a two-family home she owns on Waltham Street and 97th Avenue in Jamaica, Queens.

It’s always been a residential neighborhood, but recently, construction of a hotel began on the corner lot.

The residents checked with their local community board, Community Board 12, and learned zoning regulations do permit the construction of the hotel.

Dorothy’s home is the closest to the construction site and she contacted PIX11 to complain about the damage caused by the construction.

She showed us the large holes in the ceiling and some walls; the cracks in the glass cabinetry and the floors and the bricks that have fallen from the roof.

Dorothy says she has complained to the workers, but says they claim not to speak English.

However, she has not called the complaint numbers posted on the construction fence by the contractor, Triboro Construction Services, and the hotel owner, Waltham Hotel.

So PIX11 contacted them and they denied being responsible for any damage to Dorothy’s home.

We then contacted the NYC Department of Buildings. The DOB sent out an inspection team and as a result of their findings, they issued a partial Stop Work Order.


Anonymous said...

Oh a hotel....that means homeless shelter.

Joe Moretti said...

Good for Jamaica Dorothy Singh for calling WPIX to fight a corrupt construction company, Triboro Construction Services, who has damaged her home badly. KEEP FIGHTING BACK.

First we don't need all of these crap hotels being putting up by shady construction companies with workers, who "no speaky ingles." And the fucking city needs to monitor all these developer closely to make sure they are following the rules, but then when so many agencies and elected officials get their palms greased, this is the kind of shit that happens. This whole zoning bullshit sucks, hotels should not be in residential areas PERIOD.

No speaky ingles my fucking ass.

JQ LLC said...

Wow, just wow.

Were these "workers" happen to be hired from the EB-5 program? (again, forgive any latent xenophobia). Arnold should have told these "workers" how incriminating they are being when they claim they don't speak english that by saying that line they just did.

And there isn't a bit of justice to get a stop work order when this excavation and development should not have been rubber stamp permitted in the first place. That is not even near any of the train stations.

And that rendering of the "hotel" is bland and ugly. What no fountain or a roll-up driveway like you see at the Sands? It has SHELTER written all over it. That is the real affordable housing by the way. Poor people and addicts can live for free while the LLC's get the ludicrous market rate value (3000 for a family) from the city for housing them.

Anonymous said...

Part of the story is told.

How about a follow up with her electeds telling her to call 311 - they have more important things to do...

Anonymous said...

you watch another homeless shelter for sure -

Anonymous said...

Hotel aka shelter in a residential area. Corruption at its finest. Just follow the money trail and it will for sure end up at the Mayors door. I feel so sorry for the people in Jamaica they can't even complain to their official's because most of them are no good losers who are waiting on their jail sentences.

Anonymous said...

>Were these "workers" happen to be hired from the EB-5 program?

Ahahaha, you think they'll pay for legal workers?