Monday, June 27, 2016

Another World's Fair a-comin'?

We're a startup working to organize the first U.S. Worlds Fair since 1984. Here's our website:

We're currently organizing a mini two-day Worlds Fair in August in NYC. It's not in Queens (the venue is in Chelsea), but I thought it might an interesting story for your readers to learn about given the Worlds Fair history in Queens. The event's website is here:

Should you care to talk I'd love to have it included as we're working to raise awareness for it. You can also check it out on facebook by typing in "Worlds Fair Nano." I doubt there's anything with a similar name on FB to confuse it!

Michael Weiss
Worlds Fair USA

"Leading an effort to organizing the
first U.S. Worlds Fair since 1984"
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Anonymous said...

First you need to kick out all the lowlives then close off willis point by the junkyards then clean up the park. After all that is done then we can talk.

Anonymous said...

This looks and sounds like a pile of hipster crap. Btw, do they know that "World's Fair" is a sanctioned organization with rules, and membership, and a governing body? These hipster doofuses don't seem to know anything about the history of World's Fairs except that the name exists.

Anonymous said...

Thanagery is Obamacare's way of making room for mullenials

ron s said...

Re Anonymous #2, the 1964 Fair was not sanctioned. It was "unofficial".

Anonymous said...

Typical Hipster Poop !!!

if this were to really happen, then they better fix the whole entire park and not just the surrounding area of the original Worlds Fair. The waters of meadow lake need to be cleaned and rid of any raw sewage that may have seeped into the lake. The pedestrian trails need to be re-done and new garbage cans, water fountains and benches need to be installed. As for the bathroom facilities, i wont even go there.

The list goes on and on so if these hipsters think they can achieve their goal they better do it fucking right.

Anonymous said...

Just what Queens County needs--more noise pollution, overcrowding, sight pollution and grinding commerce that does nothing to benefit all of the REAL disparities that every local, regional and state level of government continues to ignore--and, all for only 32% more money for the city council that was never even deserved, much less earned (and not a single one of their constituents ever approved the pay bump in the first place!), after a traitor and liar like 'Dumb' Blasio (aka the 'Tale of Two Cities' impostor), sneaked in his approval in early February (the Daily News implored him to veto the raises on February 3, 2016)!

But, since the system is completely broken, and politicians (not public servants) will never earn their keep (ever), and Queens will never see a cleanup (as Anonymous #1 describes above), well everyone will have to learn how to live with more (for the city council) and less for everyone else in the rank and file---the illusion of productivity and progress that only divides income equality farther apart! Disgusting!

Anonymous said...

Clearly most of the responders here didn't even bother to read the article.

Re Anonymous #2, the 1964 Fair was not sanctioned. It was "unofficial".

This is true, but it was Robert Moses' doing. He didn't want to abide by the rule of limiting the event to six months, but many countries chose to participate anyway. What these hipster idiots are doing is nothing even close to BIE expos. It's nothing better than a hipster feel good promotion event.

Anonymous said...

The 64 Fair was so good BECAUSE it was unofficial and not tied to the self serving rules of the official WF organization.

Anonymous said...

They still do World's Fairs? I thought they went out before I was born.

Anonymous said...

A World's Fair will draw Islamic terrorists like flies to shit.

Liman said...

Hold on to your wallets! A short list of what would need to be done. Assuming it's in Flushing Meadows... Improve the 7 line (hah!), upgrade the LIRR station, expand the LIE, the Grand Central, the Van Wyck (the last major widenings was for the 64 Fair), build all the exhibits (the unions will demand PLAs or it will be prevailing wage, so it will cost BILLIONS). Find a place for the multitude of people who use the park for it's real purpose - recreation - for about four years. Parking? They used the fields around Flushing Airport for that and bused people to the Fair. Can't do that anymore. In short, this will never happen... we ought to HOPE it doesn't

Anonymous said...

Art & Music has been so destroyed calling "Another World's Fair" to create buzz still isn't going to work. The general public og 2016 is simply not interested and wont be hauling into Manhattan to sit in a seat and watch, art, flicks and speeches under one roof all day.
I'm not sure but passing this off as a "World's Fair" could be a trademark issue as well as false advertising. If you read the websight only 7 or so company's are participating and the stuff they wanna show off has very limited use. A drive for a nail gun, perhaps a "motorized push pole" for skateboarders ?
Gimmie a break !!

Anonymous said...

we are the world's borough
strike that
we are the WORST borough

JQ LLC said...

As someone who is not creative, talented or even tech savvy or tech competent, it's a bit hard to accuse these charlatans and hucksters of running what looks like a bullshit investor scheme. But it is easy to come down on these hipshit CEO's (there's a title that has lost whatever meaning and cache it once had) to organize this speculative bullshit without considering the impact it will have on these parks and of course whatever infrastructure and basic maintenance this will need and what it currently lacks to fulfill their fantasy world for a month. Why don't these dummies stop making apps and waiting on line for artisan food shit and actually take a walk around these towns and parks and find a genuine way to help these areas without planning some pop up farce event.

It's also quite absurd that these types think what they are doing is ground-breaking or innovative. Why, because they make apps so you don't have to wipe your ass by yourself, or because they put palm trees and gardens on 30 story residential glass towers?

Not only is the business interest lacking but they claim that their backing is solid because some people sent emails, and they only published their first name and last initials. What no last names. Are they real investors or "CEO"'s like them?

I don't think we are the worst borough despite the easy tag, that distinction belongs to brand of Brooklyn. Although it's quite obvious that these cretins just took the name World's Fair and took the name to promote their artificial culture. These people co-opt/steal everything original and strip whatever legacy and history it has and sanitize and homogenize it for mass mindless consumption.

Fuck these fucking fucks.

Sergey Kadinsky said...

Although Flushing Meadows hosted two World's Fairs, the train has left the station for a third one. The park has too many trees in the way of exhibit space, too many users in the summer months, and too much traffic around it. The same reasons why the 2012 Olympics could not fit into this city.

I would love to see another World's Fair in our city or metro area and some empty spots deserving of infrastructure improvements that come with the fair could be Fresh Kills on Staten Island, the Nassau Coliseum site, somewhere in the Catskills such as an abandoned resort or factory.

Whether NYC gets to host the Olympics or the world's Fair is ultimately not of importance. We will always be a global city and besides, there's plenty of money and unused desert space in Dubai for the next World's Fair.

Anonymous said...

Sounds pretty and nice, but both our worlds fairs lost money. All of these fairs around the world lose money.
Duh...this start up will sputter and die before it even gets started.
Next pie in the sky idea! Uh...I'll bet that all those venues that already exist in FMCP are not doing what was projected financially.

Gabel said...

I grew up in Queens and remember the excitement and joy that the 1964-65 World's Fair brought to our great city. It was a moment of pride and optimism that transcended the troubles in the world that are always with us. Most of it it represented our shared eternal and unquenchable human capacity to hope; to hope for peace through understanding.

Being the practical native New Yorker that I am however, I don't think this would be the best time to hold an event the whole world will be invited to. Unfortunately, it will be too inviting a target for those who hate and spread their evil.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait for the exhibits: The Mumford and Sons World of Tomorrow, 3rd Wave Feminist Wave Pool, "Dunk the Native New Yawkah" sponsored by Vice.

Gabel said...

I also grew up in Queens and visited the 64-65 World's Fair. It was a magical experience that I will never forget. It's been over 50 years and it's time to hold another one. New York City should formally recognize Flushing Meadows as the city's "official" fairgrounds, just as so many counties upstate have.

Both prior fairs lost money. However, that doesn't consider the economic benefit of the 51,000,000 people who attended the 64-65 fair. I haven't seen a breakdown between metro and non-metro area visitors. Assuming a minimum of 25% visitors spending today $1,000 at hotels, restaurants and transportation, that would be $12 billion in benefit to the city.

The last World's Fair stimulated the construction of the highway system around the fairgrounds. A new fair could stimulate substantial upgrades to the NYCTA subway and LIRR connections and stations.

My only fear is that the fair would be a prime target for those Islamic psychopaths to wreck. The NYPD is the most effective anti-terrorism police force in the world. Since being launched into high gear after 9/11, it has done an extraordinary job of protecting the world's biggest target against any new terrorist attacks. As good as it is, there is no way that every terrorist threat can be blocked. The question is, can we allow these Islamaniac scum to wreck our lives.

Think about the enormous magnification their attacks cause. Blow up a bomb somewhere and the world media transmits the news globally in minutes and the news pundits spend months talking about the crisis. The Dow Jones drops by 30% the next morning only to recover most of the loss by the afternoon. Oil prices jump by $10-20 a gallon before noon and the President of the US holds a press at 6 PM, the start of the evening news programs.

3,000 people were killed in the 9/11 attacks and it changed the entire world. Yet every year, 50,000 people are killed in the US by guns and it is just the way things are. The power of terrorism is in its theater and randomness. Partnered up with the global media, together they have created a climate of danger and urgency.