Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Apartment seekers crowded out by AirBnB

From AM-NY:

A report released Monday found that thousands of Airbnb units are illegally hogging the city’s supply of vacant apartments.

The study issued by Share Better, a staunch opponent to the online short-term listing site, said that more than 28,000 Airbnb listings, about 55% of all New York City offerings, constitute entire apartments, which violates housing regulations.

In addition, there were 8,058 illegal Airbnb pads that were identified as “impact listings,” meaning they were offered for rental by hosts who have more than one unit for multiple short-term users over the course of at least three months per year, or a single unit for at least six months per year.

The New York State Multiple Dwelling Law prohibits the renting out of apartments within buildings with three or more units for less than 30 days, unless the owner or a family member is present. Last week, the State Legislature passed a bill that would fine Airbnb users who post such listings up to $7,500 and it is awaiting a final signature from the governor.


(sarc) said...

Nothing will be enforced.

However, the politicians will all claim that they fixed it...

Anonymous said...

Regarding (sarc) who said: "Nothing will be enforced. However, the politicians will all claim that they fixed it..."

Because, that's what all politicians (not public servants) do best! They 'fix' things for which they already engineered the breakdown in the first place (by way of graft, greed, corruption, cover-ups, kickbacks, payoffs, etc.), and then they jump in front of any number of corporate bought-and-controlled cameras to talk about their good deeds, accomplishments and productivity---and, the outcome is always a vicious cycle of vastly overpaid hacks, whose sole purpose is to worsen quality of life for everyone else!

Anonymous said...

Start fining air bnb for facilitating an illicit transaction and I'm sure this will get cleared up REAL fast.

Anonymous said...

Any solution besides building more apartments, right?

Anonymous said...

"Any solution besides building more apartments, right?"
Man shut the hell up. There's 28,000 apartments being illegally used as hotels why don't we start by fixing what we already have

Joe Moretti said...

Just add this to the long long list of fucked up shit that never gets enforced by this city: Illegal truck driving on residential streets, illegal overnight commercial parking on city streets, illegal parking by auto-body shops and car dealers on streets and sidewalks, illegal conversions, household garbage dumped in public trash cans, illegal curb cuts, illegal parking pads, construction without a permit, weekend construction without a variance permit and on and on and on and on.

Anonymous said...

Best thing on the planet, rented 10 nights @$700 with AirBnb 1 block from L train, has a kitchen to cook
A hotel 10 nights in Long Island City was over $4000 after taxes and surcharges and you cant even cook a dish of pasta.
AireBnB is here because all these hotels and the city are bunch of thieves

JQ LLC said...

Airbnb is a criminal enterprise, yet most of these service startups including food delivery and car service also benefit from a total disregard for regulations aand the culture of cheating soiling the city, country and society.

Anonymous said...

"AireBnB is here because all these hotels and the city are bunch of thieves"

AirBnb is here to rape all of the renters in this city for the benefit of themselves and tourists. That's it. They could fix this problem and restrict it to legal uses, but that costs money! :( much cheaper to buy politicians and shills like you who come on a neigjborhood blog and say you were here for A WEEK and suddenly you have the absolute right to tell us airebnb, despite raising all our rents, which we live with daily, is doing US a favor by saving you $3000???

If you can't afford to legally vacation here then don't come. Don't say the entire city should eat a $100 / mo rent hike because you're too fucking cheap to pay for the trip yourself.

Anonymous said...

Everybody loves AirBNB until their neighbor is running one and it starts affecting their own quality of life. Classic NIMBY.

AirBNB is a menace. It drives up rent, transient residents don't care if they piss off neighbors, and it brings down the value of owned homes in the area. If I found one of my neighbors to be running and AirBNB, I would be all over it to have it shut down.

Anonymous said...

AirBNB is great. I use it whenever I travel.

If hotels want me to stay there then they can lower there rates.

This is capitalism.

Anonymous said...

>Man shut the hell up. There's 28,000 apartments being illegally used as hotels why don't we start by fixing what we already have

You first. Clearly we don't have enough to meet the demand for affordable living or for affordable overnight stays.

Anonymous said...

Even before AirBNB for many years now NYC has had a vacancy rate problem.
That's why rents have gotten so high; high demand, low supply.

We need more apartment buildings but no one wants another tall apartment building in their neighborhood. Maybe if we build a single 3 miles high building it would solve our issues.