Thursday, June 30, 2016

Avella protests sex offenders at shelters; Dromm protests booze ads

While Elmhurst residents were rallying against the presence of sex offenders at the Pan Am family shelter...

their council member, Danny Dromm, was protesting subway Budweiser ads with a bunch of bible thumpers.


Joe Jr. said...

Perhaps most of those sex offenders were gay sex offenders and Dromm doesn't want to offend the gay community. Tony Avella should be the Jackson Height councilman.

JQ LLC said...

Dromm is a yenta.

Anonymous said...

Danny boy probably wishes he could get a room at the Pan American.

Anonymous said...

Yeh, right. Does he realize how much revenue the MTA gets from booze ads? What a jerk. Stop pandering to special interest groups!

David Hume said...

The Christian right is actually very similar to the "liberal"-left-"progressives" (Dromm) in the belief that people should not be allowed to live their own lives and pursue their own goals and happiness in life, but must be made to serve some larger purpose.

Both the Christian right and Daniel Dromm are authoritarian by nature.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Tony for MAYOR!!! The hardest-working, most honest pol in Queens!

georgetheatheist said...

Danny: just make sure your hands are off those new Häagen-Dazs ads. I scream. You scream. We all scream for ice cream.

Anonymous said...

Avella will never win a Mayoral race. he bucks the trend and stands up against the political machine. he's not their prototypical "yes man" and that will prevent him from succeeding in any citywide run.

Anonymous said...

Sure, rally against beer ads but support legalized pot.

Anonymous said...


I don't think that word means what you think it means.

Anonymous said...

Ban beer ads? When did progressives become prohibitionists?

Joe Moretti said...

Talk about separating the men from the boys!

By the way to the one comment, I Support the legalization of pot, this is LONG overdue. By the way that clown can do nothing about beer ads. Who gives a fuck about that non-issue, when are borough is one big crap heap.

Anonymous said...

I think about 30 years ago, there was a group that wanted to do away with Colt 45 and other malt liquor ads in the Black communities.

JQ LLc said...

Although I vociferously disagree with christian focus groups, especially the holier-than-thou and the hypocritical types that parses the bible when it's convenient for them, these people have a point about these ads. But what makes these ads offensive is the ubiquity, they encompass and glom whatever space there is. And because of the state starving the city for funding of infrastructure and modernization of the system, tracks and tunnels, the MTA's administrative and executives creative accounting and misuse of funidng, and currently our Mayor's Faustian bargain with his overseer developers setting aside that 2.5 billion for that stupid ass light rail that the worst fucking transit system in the universe can't get any money any other way than covering the entire train and platform walls with scantily clad fat chicks and budweiser.

Dromm is just being their useful idiot to give their platform more attention than it deserves because of the nations embrace of all things gay and lesbian (which is fucking OK, don't accuse me of any latent homophobia) Shit, those people are from the Bronx and there is Dromm glory hogging in front of a mike. I guess Ritchie Torres wasn't available.

As for pot legalization, I will predict right here right now that the last executive order Obama issues will be the complete legalization of pot. If he can make Stonewall a national monument, he can end this drug war nonsense with a stroke of a pen. Besides, hipsters love weed and everybody in real estate and city council loves that demographic.

Anonymous said...

Dromm has also been busy fighting against the Mister Softee truck jingles. Thank God we have Danny protecting us.

Anonymous said...

If I had a pistol to hold in my hand
I’d hunt down and silence the Good Humor man.
I’d pour sticky ice cream all over his wounds
and stop him forever from playing that tune.

For silence is golden
on a soft summer day.
It’s a pity to let strangers take it away.

If ever I get me a license to kill
I’ll war and juke box and jackhammer till
the wind and the rain rust up all their parts
and worms and woodchucks dissect their hearts.

For silence is golden
and hard to be found
and killed far too often by the jackhammer’s sound.

If diesels and dump trucks and gossips were words
I’d feed them like kernels of corn to the birds
and then all the thumping and bumping and pounds
would come out forever like pretty bird sounds.

For silence is golden
and soft as a tear.
The next sound of empty is the next voice you’ll hear.

- Rod Mckuen

Anonymous said...

Dromm is looking a little shopworn.
He'd better get "married" and quick! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Between Dromm and Van Bramer...that's two contiguous lavender reps.
The Stonewall phonies, only interested in gay rights issues. Nothing wrong with that if you also represent the rest of your non gay constituents' interests.