Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Eyebrow-raising apartment listing in LIC

"Hello QC,

I walked into an open house for several apartments at 36-10 11th St in Queens this weekend and I noticed a telltale sign that the building might have been illegally subdivided. The apartment buzzer on the front only listed three apartments, even thought there are 4 newly remodeled units in the building. There are 3 of the apartments currently listed on the Corcoran website, the link below is for the rear half of the illegally subdivided first floor unit. According to old blueprints for the building which are available on StreetEasy, the first floor used to be a single apartment. There have been no permits issued by DOB for any work recent work in the building, and the building does have a history of illegal dwelling units. Several years ago it received a violation for an illegal unit in the cellar.

After I noticed the illegal subdivided units I decided I was not interested in any of the apartments in the building because I don't want a landlord who cuts corners and who is willing to break the law to earn a few extra dollars.

Can you please provide any advice on how to handle this and similar situations I may find as I continue my apartment hunting in Queens? I opened a complaint with the DOB. Should I also complain to Corcoran that I am concerned about their reputation as a quality realtor when they show and list illegal units on their website?"

~ApartmentHunter in Queens

Well, this is an interesting case. The "corrective action" recommended for the illegal cellar apartment was to obtain a permit. However, cellars can't be legalized. Then the violation was dismissed without penalty. I wonder what the details were on that.

I certainly would notify the realtor about this. They likely won't care, but if they get caught showing illegal units, they could lose their license.

Always, always, ALWAYS check a building's C of O and history of violations before signing a lease and moving in.


Anonymous said...

This is happening for years in North-East Queens.
"Frushing" is overwhelmed with illegal conversions and the DOB is doing shit about it !

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your story with QC. Rick Chandler and the Department of Bribery do nothing but fake inspections and issue papers which mean nothing. You should also report Corcoran to the Department of State. You will need to send an affidavit but they will be forced to investigate the realtor and they might be able to persuade Rick and his gang to actually enforce the law and make the crooked homeowner restore the basement. Good luck.

JQ LLC said...

Corcoran? That firm with the million dollar listings? It seems even a mega-realtor cannot resist the urge to lure naive or frivolous spending idiots to alleged hot areas, This is something that sleazy Ahmad Realty of Century 21 would engage in and had engaged in Ozone Park and Richmond Hill

We are running out of room, Corcoran. Stick to selling pied-e-terres, predators.

Anonymous said...

Hey Crappy,

i provide to you the "argument" that was accepted by ECB to dismiss this violation.
"NOV: 035005929J AC 28-210.1 NOV: 035005930R 28-105.1
Tony Desola appeared for the respondent.

Azer Athansios appeared for the petitioner DOB.

NOV '29J - The violation alleged residence altered for occupancy for more than the legally approved number of families ; the issuing officer(IO) noted that the premises was legally approved for 3 families and converted at the cellar for a 4 family dwelling.

NOV '30R - The violation alleged work without a permit ; the IO noted at the cellar level the installation of water and waste lines , a 3 piece bathroom and a gas line for gas stove at a kitchen.

Mr. DeSola introduced into evidence a certificate of death for the named respondents, Michael Torre and Patricia Torre, which indicated that their respective dates of death were April 20, 2010 and April 16, 2007, long prior to the date of violation of the subject NOVs on 8/07/2013.

Mr. DeSola moved to dismiss the violations for naming an improper party as the respondent.

I grant the motion to dismiss and I find that the subject NOVs are defective on their face for naming deceased parties as the respondent entity.

I dismiss the NOVs."

Bernard Lieberman, Administrative Law Judge


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

$1800 a month is a mortgage payment on a gorgeous house with 1/2 acre of land here in DE.

Anonymous said...

But then you have to live in Delaware.

Anonymous said...

$1800/mo near train & nightlife?
Is its still available? I believe that's a "supers quarters" grandfathered and legal I been hearing about.

Joe said...

Who the hell from NYC can live in De ?
The winters still suck and one need to become an alcoholic (like 1/2 its population) or kill oneself from the boredom and having to drive MILES & MILES to get anything done.
I was trapped in Bear De 3 days the whole town was white trash Yahoos NO THANKS !!


Anonymous said...

Where to you go to find the hearing details on the violation that was posted above (ie. the "arguments"? Is there a city website to search? I see marked violations dismissed all the time on properties.

Ridgewood Homeowner said...

Somebody said: "but then you have to live in Delaware"

Most of us would die and be dead then suffer that misery. Hell Id rather Baltimore or even Ohio before that! I cant even imagine, Oh the horror I'm gonna have nightmares of waking up in the country.

Anonymous said...

To get the record of ECB Hearings (some at any rate) go to this web site, click the box for ECB and used search terms


Anonymous said...

Imagine a mega-firm like Corcoran losing its license over a little building in LIC. Go back to Manhattan!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Yeah, to follow up on the Delaware suggestion, I think $1800 per month will get you a 20 room Victorian mansion in Albany. Big commute to NYC, and same meth and pill-head neighbor issues, though.

Anonymous said...

Delaware is like heaven compared to Queens.

Anonymous said...

>Delaware is like heaven compared to Queens.

So why are you here and not there?