Friday, June 24, 2016

Too much activity in the park?

From the Daily News:

One Queens lawmaker said Wednesday the promoters of the recently announced Kanye West headlining concert at Citi Field need to examine the traffic, safety and economic impact of the show if they want support from the surrounding community.

Founders Entertainment, the organizers of the Governor's Ball, on Tuesday said the first-ever Meadows Music and Arts Festival will take place in the Citi Field parking lot on Oct. 1 and 2.

City Councilwoman Julissa Ferreras, whose district includes Flushing Meadows Corona Park, said Wednesday she is worried about conflicts with the busy Makers Faire taking place the same weekend at the New York Hall of Science across the park.

But Ferreras stopped short of calling for Meadows to be canceled or rescheduled.

“I believe in bringing cultural events that can spur economic growth to benefit our community,” said Ferreras, the chair of the Council’s Finance Committee. “There are serious concerns about the impact of a music festival on our community, including how this would impact Makers Faire, an existing and popular event in the same park on the same day.”

Founders officials, who have met with Ferreras, said they are not making any parking available to attendees of the Meadows in order to accommodate other events.


Anonymous said...

Easy question. Do these events bring in revenue that pays for the security/cops, maintenance/sanitation, and any damage to the park?

If not it is a loss to the taxpayer and they should cancel them and not book any others. If it a benefit to the taxpayer and doesn't damage the park they should schedule them.

They also need to not look the other way for alcohol and marijuana usage. Letting that slide early in the day/evening only leads to bigger problems at night/end of the evening.

Too bad these are only donations to the unions in overtime and the taxpayer is the last concern on any politicians mind.

Anonymous said...

Too much activity but not enough maintenance of the park and all it's facilities. This park is treated like a dump by local government and residents notice this but not our politicians. Get off your lazy asses and do something !!

kapimap said...

There is no space to hold this event because it was given away to the usta for 2 weeks of use! Ferrera should know, she signed off on it.

Anonymous said...

I don't really have a problem with the concert conceptually, but scheduling it for the same weekend as Maker Fair is idiotic.

Anonymous said...

I looked up Makers Faire online. It looks like a bunch of Kickstarter and GoFundMe rejects. How many losers are going to show up for this nonsense? Why do these millenials find this crap so fascinating?

What if the Mets are in the playoffs? They end at the Phillies that weekend and if they have a one day playoff at home on Monday? What if the parking lot and general area is a mess?

Ya Gotta Believe!

Prrra! said...

I want a concert in Falasheng meadow park with the following music artist. Them boys are da BOMB. Them boys be making lots of people come to da park and will make sure all da highways are jammin with traffic.

Jowell y Randy-
Wisin y Yandel-
De La Ghetto-
Don Omar-
Daddy Yankee-
Hector el Father-
J Balvin-


JQ LLC said...

It sounds like GenerationGentrificationpaloozaonaroo.

Kanye West is treated like a king in this city. It helps that Big Slow's shrew wife is a fan

Jerry Rotondi said...

This has always been a traffic nightmare area.
Maybe we need a $50,000 study to confirm that,
Doesn't some politician's nephew need a job?
Calling Melinda Katz. Is anybody home upstairs?Hmmm...light on ...but no answer.

Jowell y Randy fan said...

I really want concert of Jowell y Randy at citi field. No kanye west please. Jowell y Randy is da sickest musik out there.

JQ LLC said...

Please Stop jowell y randy fan. nudge, wink

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Coucilwoman Ferraras still think a shopping mall is the right thing for Flushing Meadow Park?

Anonymous said...

Actually increasing activity in Bryant Park was what drove the druggies and crooks away. see

Anonymous said...

To please " the vibrant and diverse community"?
Bread and circuses is what the Roman emperors provided in place of real improvement for the masses.