Monday, May 30, 2016

Neighbor of state-owned zombie property gets vacate order

From CBS 2:

A Staten Island family was ordered to stay off their own property and even threatened with jail time all because of a problem at their neighbor’s home.

“I cannot use my grill. I cannot touch anything back here,” homeowner Keri Mullin told CBS2’s Brian Conybeare.

That includes her swimming pool on Moreland Street in the Midland Beach section of Staten Island. The ban is all because a neighboring house damaged nearly four years ago by Superstorm Sandy was abandoned and is in danger of collapsing onto Mullin’s property.

“I have a vacate order and buildings department violation on my door and I am being threatened with a $5,000 fine if I use my yard at all,” Mullin said. “My own backyard!”

The city Department of Buildings issued a violation on the zombie home at 1178 Mason Avenue on Friday. The chimney is precariously tilting and its roof is in danger of collapsing.

“Now I’m back to that point where the storm is affecting me because somebody else didn’t take care of their property,” she said.

Neighbors like Thea Friscia said they have been trying to get the former owner or the city to do something about the rat and mold infested home for years.


rikki said...

and we have thousands of desperate qualified people who need good paying jobs just waiting on employment lists.

nothing will be solved until we can easily fire government workers for this level of stupid and incompetence!

Camel bladder said...

I completely agree Richard. The only way to make these government shit head employes accountable is to fire them AND take away their pensions when they do stupid crap like this. I am also taking about the public servant attorneys that work for these government agencies. In four years why haven't one of these feather merchant lawyers filed the necessary papers for the City to seize and tear down this dangerous building? I can guarantee you that If this dangerous building was located next to their property the problem would have been solved a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

What happened? The City no longer does Unsafe Building demolitions? or is it just after someone gets killed - and they're trying to avoid that by harassing the neighboring property owner(s)? How about a substantial decrease in assessed vluation, to take effect immediately?

Anonymous said...

This is so fucking typical of the city, especially under DiBlasio.

Anonymous said...

If she were wasn't white, the mayor would have this taken care of forthwith. Help me Howard!