Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Now that's what you call a shithouse!

From PIX11:

Instead of a sanctuary, a Queens home is more like a biohazard.

Maria Garcet said her home is sitting on raw sewage but she doesn’t know where it’s coming from or how to clean it up, so she called PIX11 News.

When our crew arrived, we smelled the problem right away. Dirty water and raw sewage was seeping into her front lawn, backyard and beneath her home.

Her neighbor Mo Rahman is beyond angry.

“This whole house is floating on human waste, literally, totally, totally human waste,” Rahman said.

Three families live in the apartment complex, some with small children.

Rahman said he's called every city agency and nothing has been done.


Jackson Heights Johnny said...

If and when the Mayor is busted, tried, convicted, and removed from office, a fitting sentence would be for him to be incarcerated there under house arrest for the full term of whatever sentence is handed down to him....

Joe Moretti said...

And what the neighbor said it NYC's motto "NOBODY CARES".................and nobody care's more than the city and all it's useless and corrupt elected officials and city agencies.

I mean WHY does a news station half to be the investigator of a city problem.


Anonymous said...

Wait until an election year and perhaps a politician will come out of the wood work to help.

Roger said...

Side topic, but what difference does it make that small children live there? Don't adults deserve to live in a sewage-free environment?

JQ LLC said...

There can be no dispute that neglect is tolerated in this city. Especially in towns that don't have irresponsible market speculation yet.

And this can only be slightly remedied when the indictments come down on our low life mayor and his agents of the city.

Anonymous said...


'World to End Tomorrow. Women and Minorities Hardest Hit'

Don't you know offenses are more vile if they are against a 'protected' group?

Anonymous said...

Inasmuch as there are real public health concerns, the City must respond. But what happens if the source of the problem lies with the property? Does the owner fix immediately, or does the City do emergency repairs immediately?

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

Alas, the real 'Houses of Shit' are City Hall and Albany themselves---and, between the two, the never ending raw sewage just keeps getting more toxic with overflow by the hour!

Hence, the City and State of New York is once again (or still!), becoming a hostile, fearful environment, as helpless, infuriated citizens resort to lawlessness, vigilantism and anarchy because of all intensely incompetent and dehumanizing leadership (at the top, middle and bottom!), of epic, humanitarian (and ecological) fail!

But, don't worry folks---the City Council just appointed themselves a 32% pay raise (while your paychecks remain petrified for life!), and soon, everything will be properly addressed with a simple telephone call to your local councilman, assemblyman, state senator and congressman. Case in point: The curb in front of my house has been damaged by the DOT since 2008 when my street was repaved, and after calling all four politicians, not public servants (plus a worthless Community Board 10), it's STILL damaged and dangerous eight staggering years later---our tax dollars hard at work supporting the REAL enemies of the state---all New York State representatives---and, the public be eternally duped, bilked, scammed and damned!

Anonymous said...

>Side topic, but what difference does it make that small children live there? Don't adults deserve to live in a sewage-free environment?

Mentioning children short-circuits a lot of people's critical thinking facilities. People don't care about adults like they care about kids.