Saturday, May 7, 2016

Gianaris aide involved in de Blasio scandal

From Sunnyside Post:

A representative of State Sen. Michael Gianaris’ office has been caught up in the campaign finance investigation that has embroiled the de Blasio administration.

Matt Lerch, an Astoria resident who represents Gianaris at community board meetings and local events, took on the role of being the campaign manager to reelect State Sen. Cecilia Tkaczyk in 2014, one of the three Democrats that de Blasio’s fundraising team backed to put the State Senate in the hands of the Democrats.

The State Board of Elections presented a campaign e-mail sent by Lerch as a key piece of evidence supporting its allegation that de Blasio’s fundraising team, the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee—headed by Gianaris — and two County Democrat committees were acting in concert to skirt campaign finance rules to get big contributions into the hands of the three must-win Senate candidates.

This e-mail was sent to Hayes Clement, the treasurer of the Ulster County Democrat Committee, asking about funds from a donor.

“Hayes, I am just following up…Has the check for $60K cleared? Below is our banking info, we need the 60 transferred over ASAP please,” Lerch wrote.

The e-mail was sent by Lerch on Oct. 16, 2014.

State campaign finance records show that the Ulster County Democratic Committee received a $60,000 contribution from the New York State Nurses Association on Oct. 14.

“This email shows that representatives of Friends of Cecilia Tkaczyk were aware Ulster County Democrat Committee had received a check from NYSNA, knew those funds would be passed on…and previously had discussions about this matter,” according to the BOE’s findings.


Anonymous said...

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree...

Anonymous said...

Gianaris? I'm shocked!


JQ LLC said...

Nothing beats the stone cold fact that they did all this illegal circumvention to buy these elections, mimicking the odious money bundling government sabotage tactics of the Koch brothers and various GOP superpacs, and still failed to get their party hacks elected.

And now these cretins might actually go to jail for it, despite their mantric claims of legality, and maybe pave the way for Citizen's United to get repealed because of the blatancy of their actions.

Anonymous said...

Just be happy these guys are politicians and not La Cosa Nostra
Owe Wait...

Jerry Rotondi said...

Nail that crooked mayor!

Anonymous said...

Lock them all up and vote all the remaining out of office now !

Jerry Rotondi, BFHA member said... out ALL incumbents. That would be a good start to flush the political crap down the crapper. Eh, Crappy?
Paul Vallone must go , unless you want to see northeast Queens bulldozed by his developer clients.
Once again, Paul Vallone is a developer's lobbyist!

Anonymous said...

For those of you living in Paul's district and mistrust him, should take out the pictures that George is taking of the Steinway Mansion as well as the desecration of Old Astoria.

Show people in Vallone's district the legacy of the Vallone family when Paul runs again. Note their reaction.

Then ask them if this is what they want for their community. Do they want to become another Astoria?

(sarc) said...

They will all be re elected.

As Lenon said: useful idiots...

Anonymous said...

That's Lenin. But interesting mixup with the vocally leftist but privately capitalist Beatle.

Just allowing donations with disclosure would make all of this go away in an instant.