Thursday, May 19, 2016

Astoria strip club causing problems

From PIX11:

Aces New York doesn't open until after 11 p.m. each night but it's closing time at 4 a.m. that's the real problem for the neighbors.

They say customers are puking and urinating on the sidewalks.

And rowdy customers have fights that spill out into the streets.

A patron was shot in the foot this past Saturday morning the wee hours.


Anonymous said...

These are no longer considered crimes in NYC. Please move on.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet they got their variance to build a strip club next to residential homes from the BSA.

Anonymous said...

Vibrant divrersity!

Anonymous said...

Patron likely shot in the foot by his own gun.

Anonymous said...

Pissing and moaning about pissing is a waste of time because Der Mayor Wilhelm l egalized it!
Piss on him at the polls...if he doesn't he t indicted by the feds before then and is impeached or jailed.
Orange suits Bill best.

Camel bladder said...

What do you mean you don,t like piss and vomit all over you neighborhood? Well that's just too bad get used to it. You good NYC Democrats voted for mayor Wilhelm and you have been voting for only liberal Dems for years. Now the result of all of this liberalism is for all of you to enjoy. Remember it's not just vomit, it is culturally diverse vomit.

Anonymous said...

More detail, same story here:
Parking overflow or shootings can be tied to the club/bar, but littering or other nuisances could have dozens of other sources.

Anonymous said...

I liked the old NYC. Glad it's coming back.

(sarc) said...

The chickens come home to roost ...

Anonymous said...

Looks like Team Van Bramer is doing a fine job of redeveloping Dutch Kills.

Great that the Dutch Kills Civic ... oh forget it.

Anonymous said...

DNA info wrote: Aces opened ... at 32-10 37th Ave.

Since when is 37 Ave considered Astoria ?

Anonymous said...

The nypd club enforcement unit....gone. Occb viice unit gone. Wilhelm hates cops so he doesn't hire enough to keep up with attrition. Suffolk county is hiring a new class soon,that will be another 100 or so more cops we lose. It' gonna get bad.

Anonymous said...

Camel 5-19 said, "You good NYC Democrats voted for mayor Wilhelm and you have been voting for only liberal Dems for years."

Don't try to fool us: between Giuliani and Bloomberg we just had 20 years (5 terms) of Republican mayors. And DeBlasio was elected with only xx% of the electorate.

In the crowded 2013 Democratic primary, DeBlasio won with 282,344 votes out of 691,801 cast. In the general election, he received 795,679 votes out of 1,087,710 votes cast, "a record low of 24 percent ... of the 4.3 million registered voters in New York City ..." (NY Times)



Anonymous said...

Bloomberg was never a republican.

JQ LLC said...

these are the New Bad Days.

the residents of astoria have got to realize and make adjustments for all the dope guns and fucking in the streets because that club attracts the biggest dj's and marginal celebrities of the reality show genre. How else are these predator developers going to sell their ugly warehouse and glass tower condos if it doesn't have that decadent edge.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5-22 said...Bloomberg was never a republican.

Except Bloomberg ran (and won) as the Republican Party standard bearer in 2001 and 2005, and won again in 2009 running as an Independent, but also on the Republican ticket.
2001: Running as a Republican, Michael Bloomberg beat Democrat Mark J. Green. The popular vote was Bloomberg 744,757 (50.3%) to Green's 709,268 (47.9%).

2005: Republican Michael Bloomberg beat Democrat Fernando Ferrer. The popular vote was Bloomberg 753,090 (58.4%) to Ferrer's 503,219 (39.0%).

2009: Michael Bloomberg (Independent/Republican) beat Democrat Bill Thompson. The popular vote was Bloomberg 585,466 (50.7%) to Thompson's 534,869 (46.3%).

JQ LLC said...

2001-1.45 million votes counted
2005-1.25 million votes counted
2009-1.2 million votes counted

just a regressive pattern that has led to the artificial beautification and spiritual degradation of the city. We reap what we sow and get what we deserve.