Friday, May 13, 2016

Tool created by city to help develop the waterfront

From Crains:

Applicants for construction permits on waterfront property can end up waist-deep in bureaucracy, but a new website will help them navigate.

The Waterfront Navigator website, funded by the Empire State Development Corp. and the city, aims to be a one-stop shop for users to figure out which permits they need from which agencies, and how to get them.

The city, state and federal government all have jurisdiction over the coastline and local landowners sometimes need sign-off on environmental compliance from all three levels of government before beginning normal city buildings permit processes.

"New York City has long been a global maritime hub for waterfront business owners and development, yet it has been a perennial challenge to navigate the complicated waterfront permit application process," said Maria Torres-Springer, president of the city's Economic Development Corp., in a statement. "This is largely because of the multiple layers of federal, state, and local entities with jurisdictional responsibility for waterfront construction permitting.”

More development. Less public access. NOW.


JQ LLC said...

This is fucking nuts, but par for the course. This thing coming on the heels of that condescending meet with the citizenry for the 2.5 billion dollar developer welfare rail line for tourists and hipshits.

The old tools were bloomberg's compulsive rubber stamp and the Blaz's laundered straw donor cash I believe.

Anonymous said...

What happened to Ed Koch's NY LOVES the waterfront initiative? I guess that only applies to developers and bicyclists?

Anonymous said...

But will those developments "hold water" during the next major storm?

Anonymous said...

But will those developments "hold water" during the next major storm?

Sandy did a hell of a lot of damage to the Queens waterfront and almost all of it was censored out of the news.

We did get a lot of pictures of toppled oaks in Connecticut, though.....