Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Build It Back still hasn't built in Rockaway

From DNA Info:

In a sign that his administration meant business, the city moved roughly 150 families in Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island out of their homes in the weeks before the Oct. 29 anniversary so the homes could be elevated. City contractors put up fences around the houses in preparation for expedited work.

But most of those homes have since sat untouched for months, according to homeowners and sources involved in the Build It Back program.

“We forced people out of their homes just to get fences up and make it look like there was construction going on,” one source within the program said last month. “We were not even close. Only now is construction beginning. It was all a lie.”

The source and others said the mayor’s push last fall was all about optics and boosting Build It Back’s numbers — even though, at the time, the city hadn’t approved permits for the work and its contractors weren’t ready.

Homeowners who were moved out told DNAinfo New York that the Build It Back program hasn’t improved under de Blasio. Many said they had difficulty getting in touch with program representatives. Others said they waited months to be reimbursed for rent while they were out of their homes.


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Funny how america sends money overseas quicker for natural disasters than it sends it's own people money for natural disasters. What a wonderful government!

Anonymous said...

Taxpayers (Federal, State, and Local) should not be paying to rebuild people's house. Period. End of story.

(sarc) said...

"We are from the government,and we're here to help."

The greatest lie in the history of the world.

OBTW anon#1
The sheep will remember the useless politicians, and vote them all back in.

Insanity - doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result. Albert Einstein

Good luck to the homeowners...

JQ LLC said...

Re: this post from last week

this is get these people to quit, deplete their income and savings and move. And provide potential opportunities to plunder these properties on the cheap for the predator developers. Thus hastening the generation gentrification mission creep to turn rockaway into a playground for frivolous spending hipshits and tourists.

Anonymous said...

Bush did more for victims of Hurricane Katrina and it could never be enough and Every media outlets ran with Racist Bush won't help Blacks,on the other hand Hurricane Sandy victims are still waiting for help and the media protects Obama from any critical comments concerning Sandy victims because Thier white,I have never seen racial hatred this bad.

Anonymous said...

Too many white people in Rockaway.

Camel bladder said...

This is all just the nonsense we get when we expect government to take care of anything for us. Grow up people, learn to behave like responsible self sufficient Americans used to behave and stop expecting some sack of shit government employee to take care of you. Fix your own fucking house and tell these government candy givers to leave.

Anonymous said...

But he has time to force bike lanes on Elmhurst for those bratty bikers.

Anonymous said...

Nice slogan. Just talk. Pacify us all with glittering generalities claiming things will be better.
Chronic and habitual liars....that is what NYC government is all about.
Now, if this were Forest Hills...everything would have been done already.
There are certain areas of Queens that are considered expendable. This is one of them.