Monday, May 2, 2016

Developers target Elmhurst's 56th Avenue

Remember the QUEENS CRAP story on the suspicious fire at the Elmhurst historic house at 90-11 56th Ave back in October, 2015? It was only purchased recently. A few months later, there was a suspicious fire. The Elmhurst community is currently trying to landmark it and is petitioning Queens Borough President Melinda Katz to assist.

This property as well as the 2 adjacent houses were purchased by LLC developers. It’s funny that one of these other houses also caught on fire too. Now the 3 properties have been filed with the NYC Department of Buildings to split them into 5 lots!

Here’s what the original 3 homes looked like:
Here’s what they look like today after the fires and the start of demolition of one of the house.

Holy cow, what a coincidence! And after Melinda Katz put in all that preservation work! (end sarcasm)


Anonymous said...

Expecting Katz to do something is the height of absurdity. One might as well look to the west for the rising sun.

Anonymous said...

The fact of the matter is Queens is becoming a ghetto as Brooklyn and Bronx are moving forward.

The problem in not the politicians, under the right conditions, mold and slimy things thrive and its just an act of nature.

It takes PEOPLE to make those conditions.

As long as everyone rushes to make nice with the pols (Elks Building), gets on the community boards and thinks they now are better than the rest of us (pretty much everywhere in Queens), too polite (Richmond Hill/Douglaston), repeatedly ignored (St Saviours/56th Ave/ St James) or are too backward (Steinway Mansion) the problem is clearly us.

No one wants to work with Queens or cares what happens out here. Cut off from the outside world, we read our weeklies (that have become little more than self-serving rags for pols and their developer chums) and listen with rap attention on the little people we elect that repay the favor by bullying their way though our miserable lives - people that in the real world likely would not get further than working in a post office giving change for stamps.

The received wisdom in the rest of the city is that we are the place littered with the bones of good people with good intentions and are best left alone to stew in the hell we have made for ourselves.

To paraphrase Pogo, "we have met the enemy and he is us."

Anonymous said...

90-13 - 90-19 56th Avenue
90-01 56th Ave, Flushing, NY 11373, USA
By Tu Kang Yang, developer and builder
Condo Development

Yan Architect and Planner, 86-26 Queens Boulevard, 347-613-1693

Anonymous said...

These local newspapers should do an article on Preservation in Queens called "No Hope". It is just a disgrace there is no preservation and almost impossible to landmark a structure in Queens. Some mysterious forces must be at play.
Nothing is worthy of a landmark status as of late in Queens. I say we separate and make our own landmark commission for Queens County. Let it be recognized by the DOB and all elected officials so no one can demolish these structures and just like the at LPC. Well even that is suspicious with the LPC, if your a friend or lobbyist for DeBlasio you can get your landmarked or historic district building demolished, like what they are trying to do in the meatpacking district. What else can be done for Preservation in Queens??

Anonymous said...

Not surprised. I keep saying that all these fires that keep taking place seem suspicious especially the 6 alarm fire in Bushwick recently and the 7 alarm fire in Williamsburg at that CitiStorage warehouse. The greed is so rampant throughout the city that I wouldn't put anything past these developers.

Joe Moretti said...

Melinda Katz is just a MAJOR POLITICAL WHORE with no moral compass, no integrity, a fuck hole for the real estate lobby and no leadership skills.

Guess that is how she became Queens Borough President, she has all the qualifications.

Anonymous said...

. I say we separate and make our own landmark commission for Queens County

Oh God, here we go again with Queens Marks.

georgetheatheist said...

Katz, a "fuckhole for the real estate lobby". Joe, you outdid yourself. I'm going to laminate that for my wallet.


Anonymous said...

Elmhurst is being destroyed by developers who don't care about it's history or how they contributing to the infrastructure problems (crowded transportation, overstressed sewers, sanitation overflows, overstretched NYPD and File Department, etc.). They don't care because they build, sell and collect their profits and never live here!

Anonymous said...

The LLC developer who bought the historic house at 90-11 56th Ave is listed as 90-56 L&Z Realty LLC. The names on the corporation papers are Kui Lin and Bo Jin Zhu. Bo Jin Zhu is also listed with other LLC realty companies which have multi-developments in Greenpoint (Dupont Street Developers LLC), Clinton Hill and the Lower East Side. These other properties are worth millions of dollars. It's obvious that he's going to develop multi-family or apartment buildings on these former 1 family sites!
We need to prevent these developments one site at time. Very opportune to contact BP Melinda Katz with this historic home and prevent it's destruction and replacement with an atrocious one!

Anonymous said...

This historical house (1 family) will be developed to a whopping 5 buildings with at least 4 families each! So where there used to be 1 family will be 20 families! How's that for overcrowding and ruining the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

This is why I fully support re-zoning Elmhurst to limit overdevelopment. Other neighborhoods have already down-zoned. Elmhurst need to do the same. Let's contact our Queens politicians and get this done!

Anonymous said...

. It is just a disgrace there is no preservation and almost impossible to landmark a structure in Queens. Some mysterious forces must be at play.


People in Queens have no backbone - no desire to stand up for themselves, and when they do, everyone else is ready to cut a deal with the powers that be to throw them under the bus for ice cream money.

If you can figure out how to break that, 90% of our problems would be taken care of.

JQ LLC said...

It's starting to look like that church fire on 25th street just might be related to zoning variances and predatory development

Anonymous said...

Puhleeze! A lot of Queens' structures DO NOT deserve or even qualify for landmark status.
This ain't Brooklyn , which is chock full of deserving historic and architectural structures.
Get over it. We are a bereft borough. and the final kick in the ass is that it is the crookedest and most underserved considering our size and tax base. Whose fault is it? Queens reaidennt voters with their crabgrass frontier mindset. "As long as my lawn looks good , all is well". Well, it ain't. In northeast Queens you've got that Vallone thug representing developers not you! Buon journo, Don Paulo!

Anonymous said...

The LPC is worthless