Tuesday, May 24, 2016

W train returning

From AM-NY:

The MTA is set to approve the revival of the W train.

After the Transit committee passed the proposal Monday, the MTA’s full board is scheduled to vote on a restoration at its meeting on Wednesday.

The short-lived W would ride again in November as part of service reconfiguration around the Second Avenue subway. W trains would run local, providing weekday service from Whitehall St. to Astoria-Ditmars Boulevard.

W service will supplant the Q, which will temporarily terminate at 57th street. Once the Second Avenue line opens, slated for the end of 2016, Q trains will run from 57th Street up to the new 96th Street and 2nd Avenue station. With W service in place, the MTA will begin running N trains express in Manhattan on weekdays during peak hours, mid-day and evenings.


Anonymous said...

So more actual trains will be running on these lines, or the same number of trains, just re-badged as the "W"? Whenever plans like these are proposed, every decade (for other lines as well) I never see a full explanation of this, so something tells me it's the latter. Same pig, new lipstick.

Anonymous said...

With the Q train going to Second Avenue, there needs to be another line taking the working class to their boring jobs. W stands for workers and that's who this train is for. Get to work people!

Anonymous said...

Is there a station where you can transfer to the F?

Would that be a WTF?


Anonymous said...

It could be a lot worse. You could be living in Crooklyn and have the L train out of service for a year. That will put real estate values on ice for a while down there.