Friday, May 13, 2016

Ulrich may run for mayor

From the Daily News:

A fiscally conservative, socially liberal Republican lawmaker from Queens is taking the first step toward running against Mayor de Blasio in 2017, the Daily News has learned.

City Councilman Eric Ulrich — who has been a critic of de Blasio — is filing paperwork with the Board of Elections to form an exploratory committee ahead of a run, according to sources.

The Howard Beach resident mailed in forms to create the “Ulrich 2017” committee on Wednesday, and earlier this week spoke with GOP leadership — including state chairman Ed Cox — and said he wanted to run, sources said.

“It’s too soon to rule anything out,” Ulrich, 31, said when asked of his plans. “I think it’s clear we can’t have Bill de Blasio for four more years.”


Anonymous said...

Is this the guy who wears funny looking eye glasses? He's going to have to change that fast if he's going to be taken seriously.

Anonymous said...

That would be great.

Anonymous said...

Leave Springer for mayor - go after borough hall.

Anonymous said...


Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

The glasses, Anonymous, are not the problem---it's what is behind them that should haunt your nightmares (dishonor, disgrace, narcissism and unprecedented arrogance), as well as everyone else within his languishing constituency, whom this 300% fake, phantom politician (not public servant!), and clueless, empowered idiot (not to mention his intensely incompetent, 'Friends & Family' payroll), has willfully ignored, with impunity!

Thankfully, a deceptively worthless, corrupt-and-dishonest mess like this will never get anywhere higher up the gravy train, in his pitiful, romantic fog-pursuit of more of the same, 'cradle-to-grave,' politically failed service---exactly like his corrupt-and-dishonest role model and mentor, Al Stabile (aka, 'Unstable Stabile').

Also, 'Derelict Dullrich' is an outnumbered, outdated, irrelevant, establishment-rigged, party-machine Republican, and just like the remnants of his totally failed, string-pulling Republican masters throughout NYC, and his very presence embodies an extreme DEVALUATION of all honesty itself, as he strains all credibility beyond reason---and, now sanity (and this is what voters get when voter turnout is historically low)! ('Dullrich' also has one of the lowest, recorded records of public ethics and integrity---you can look it up online!)

The only place that a voracious parasite like this belongs is back to the seminary (ironically from whence he came, in order to work on finally finding his soul!)!

And, if you think that there is ALREADY a pathological, treasonous and traitorous example of terror and madness that is currently occupying City Hall (hopefully not for much longer, though, what with Preet Bharara stepping on his big, floppy clown feet---but it even pains me to say 'Tall & Stupid's' bogus name, it does), then I implore you to not make the same mistake twice with this Queens carnival sideshow ripoff---although, dumb Blasio looks like an inclusionary, progressive leader of great portent, by comparison to this walking, Ozone Park outhouse (as he has long ago stunk up the decaying hamlet, even worse than a stink bomb like Stabile)!

Anonymous said...

Just because a city councilman couldn't get the state to write your severance check doesn't mean he's corrupt and worthless, Richard. Go ask veterans groups what he's done for them.

Anonymous said...

Richard Iritano:

Don't hold back. Tell us what you really think!

Anonymous said...

What's the point of trying to run against dumblasio. He will be reelected. Everyone bitches about how bad he is, and then come election day everyone will go out and re elect him.

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...


And, if you had the balls and courage to step out from behind your protective shell of online obscurity like a man (of whatever you are!), instead of hiding behind the Wizard's curtain like an arrogant, cowardly little ignorant bitch, who doesn't know what he's talking about, then you wouldn't be so brazen with your endlessly harassing trash talk about me, regarding matters that you know nothing about, no less!

It's ignorant slobs like you who foster and reinforce all government corruption, cover-ups and graft, when you don't understand the first thing about how entrenched corruption actually is, and then proceed to repeatedly bully a person online with your staggering ignorance, which by the way would STILL be none of your business, you filthy maggot!

And, I don't give a bent penny what 'Derelict Dullrich' has done for veterans (easy work, along with his stressful day of lunch and a manicure!), when for years, he has WILLFULLY ignored a litany of valid complaints (with impunity) by too many aggrieved, Ozone Park residents, all of whom continue to stare in disbelief at how intensely incompetent, arrogant, uncaring, self-absorbed and totally derelict to the public oath of office that this voracious parasite has sworn (and failed!) to uphold, exactly like the REST of the ENTIRELY VILE, VAPID AND VACUOUS City Council, whose false, fake and failed leadership all give mendacity a bad name---and WORSE---with a 32%, publicly unauthorized salary bump, no less, while the REAL work by the NYPD are left to rot with 1%---a bastion of shameless greed and hypocrisy that so completely betrays all pretense of public trust and integrity, that they DEVALUE all honesty itself!

Whatever sycophant of the Dullrich family of failed public service you be, a grown man like 'Derelict Dullrich' doesn't need an anonymous loser like you to fight his battles, where HE HIMSELF should be answering to his languishing constituents, of whom my neighbors have been waiting for years (actually, they've given up, altogether!)! He should be meeting with them at one of his many office fronts, instead of hiding behind his pathetic henchmen, and 'dumber than a bag of rocks' office clerks!

Even the top brass of organized crime family rings worldwide make regular contacts with their victims, I mean clients!

Anonymous said...

Where the fuck did this guy come from?? He looks like a high school senior.

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

And, another thing: Any elected official is required to address ALL of their constituents' needs---not reinforce the lawless practice of 'selective' and 'occasional' representation!

That's why the last line of 'Derelict Dullrich's' public statement above, strains all credibility when he concluded with: "I think it's clear we can't have Bill de Blasio for four more years."

What's abundantly clear, is that Ozone Park has been once again, irreversibly soiled by seven staggering years of whatever it is that this counterfeit, 'council boy' of epic, humanitarian fail thinks that his phantom service can pass for actual, dignified accomplishment and INCLUSIONARY public service---but, then again, he's in perfect alignment with all previous, city council, electoral fungus that preceded his disgraced record of failed service, when this latest, public servant-impostor 'openly' admits to counting a criminally hustling fraud like Al Stabile to be among his role models---a solid testament to 'Dullrich's' OWN state of terminally depraved sociopathy---and, the constituents be damned!

Mayor of New York City? Alas---he could have said ANYTHING ELSE---and, I would have believed it!!! But, here is what's unquestionably true: THIS mangy sewer rat has got even bigger, swinging Republican balls than Hillary Clinton's got thrashing about underneath her see through, faded blue pants suit (on this, her second---and final-failed, romantic fog with presidential fantasy camp)!

Anonymous said...

That was your best one yet Richard. I'm exhausted just reading it! Keep it coming.

Anonymous said...

Incremental improvement, Richard, incremental improvement. Whom do you see on the horizon who would pose a better challenge in de Blasio escapes indictment and runs again in 2017?

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

Whom do I see, Anonymous (should a dirty, political SCOURGE like de Blasio escape indictment)? NO ONE---as the murky waters of Queens County and City Hall politics just keep getting swampier by the hour.

And, for a sleazy little, irrelevant Republican 'monkey turd' like 'Derelict Dullrich' to even display the hubris and brazenness to think that he would spend even LESS TIME DOING NOTHING for his languishing constituents (whilst hustling and chasing after a position as lofty as the NYC mayoralty---for whom even an ESTABLISHED, party machined-rigged politician like JOE LHOTA was not even qualified to serve!!!), is a frightening testament to how entirely desperate and hopelessly dysfunctional the entirely toxic, GOP cesspool is---and always has been! Even ANTHONY WEINER is laughing in disbelief at THIS WHOPPER (as EVEN HE is unbelievably more qualified to run than the hopelessly clueless 'Dullrich')!

Here's the unpleasant (and necessary) truth: There are two types of Republicans: Millionaire moguls and their wannabes (who aspire to become billionaire moguls and their wannabes---and, beyond!), and suckers! Check your wallets, Queens County residents, to instantly affirm which of the two categories determine your prescribed station in life.

Hence, NO ONE should be voting REPUBLICAN for ANYONE---EVER. The GOP has been DOA for decades! Worse, the only way this petrified, Ozone Park turd ever escaped from obscurity in the first place, was with former Mayor Michael Bloomberg's personal help and political pull (another arrogant, depraved sociopath who completely murdered NYC, with a vengeful impunity [before bolting for London Town to wreak havoc over there!], for whom everyone still living HERE continues to pay a soul-crushing price!!!)! But, THAT'S a whole other story and tragic saga, for an entirely different, upcoming thread)!

But, let's not get too far ahead of ourselves, Anonymous. Even if a political SCOURGE like de Blasio should miraculously escape indictment and prosecution (and one out of WAY too many other SCOURGES to name!), Mayor 'Big Slow, Tall & Stupid' is seriously damaged goods (as in brain damaged)! What he SHOULDN'T ESCAPE IS IMPEACHMENT---where there is no better time to DEMAND instant proceedings for his political demise, RIGHT NOW, while the momentum is high and visible (and the rank-and-file morale is LOW---and, GROWING MORE VISIBLE)!

But, in the end, without honest, ethical, INCLUSIONARY leadership (that leads by example), NYC is completely devoid of any and all meaningful representation, and in its place is an ever growing 'taxation without representation,' SCAM & HUSTSLE that has been FOISTED upon ALL of our city residents, as our city's most disgraceful, intensely incompetent mayor continues to destroy all pretense of public trust and integrity, as ALL of his worthless, bought and paid for city council fungus (paid for by our publicly unauthorized, taxpayer-funded dollars!!!), continues to propagate like the spread of wild, uncontrollable stink weed!

Hence, the mantra, credo and edict for ALL vastly overpaid (and under worked!), city council puppets are: "Don't Blow My Scam---And, I Won't Blow Yours!"

And, as usual, the public be eternally duped, bilked, scammed and damned!

Anonymous said...

When you resort to name calling, your point becomes irrelevant, Richard Irritano.

Anonymous said...

How old is the kid? Looks like he just got his first pair of long pants.
He will be cannon fodder for the political professionals.
Too bad. He strikes me as dedicated and honest.

JQ LLC said...

Eric reminds me of this guy, and just in time for summer.

good luck eric, you can do anything you want to if you try, in spite of your infamous false idol.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Richard, but if we're ever going to get out of these "murky waters", and 2017 shapes up to be de Blasio vs. Ulrich, I think we should start the slow crawl out of the pit and give the the latter the reins as the lesser of two evils.

Anonymous said...

Richard, just curious, would you vote for DeBlasio again? If you could limit your answer to just yes or no, we would all be extremely grateful

Anonymous said...

Anyone but DeBlasio 2017.

As long as he's willing to end "Vision Zero", he's got my vote.

Anonymous said...

Richard I: It seems that there is no one in the Democratic or Republican party that can stand up to your standards.

Therefore, it is incumbent upon you to run for public office.

You seem to know what the voters want and need and can cite with authority what is wrong with every candidate.

Put your money where your logorrhoa is and declare yourself a candidate for Mayor.

All readers of this newsletter will be more than happy to help you win.

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

Now, I've answered your comments, Anonymous ("Sorry, Richard"), and the other Anonymous who asked if I would vote for de Blasio again (when I didn't vote for him the first time), but my replies have not been published.

So, maybe the third time is a charm, then. As for the Anonymous who wrote, "Sorry, Richard," please don't be sorry---be educated enough to stop birthing your own monsters. The days of rewarding all obligatory, political party-machine politicians are coming to a crashing end, where no one should take their marching orders from any elected official who continually betrays all pretense of public trust and integrity---and, Mayor Big Fraud, Tall & Stupid' certainly won't be the last derelict little sycophantic schlepper to violate the oath of office that he swore to uphold, and I wouldn't believe him, much less vote for him---even if his tongue was notarized!

But, it's STILL up to We The People to demand accountability and transparency when someone IS caught betraying public trust, and to be able to have a voice to order the impeachment of all failed and robbing public servants, for whom everyone pays a soul-crushing price.