Thursday, May 26, 2016

Another Ciafone canopy makes its debut

So, being that these have all been installed on rent stabilized buildings, could this be part of a way to raise the rent by charging for "improvements"?


Anonymous said...

Should be called Shit Box Manor.

JQ LLC said...

Well at least it's a decent looking apartment building.

it's still not a manor. but the free market always beckons for these property pimps.

Anonymous said...

No landscaping whatsoever! Some manor!

(sarc) said...

It is a nice feature when it is raining.

I wonder if a doorman is in the plans?

It would be nice to have someone hail a limousine...

Anonymous said...

Looks so much better

Anonymous said...

Is there a separate house for the manor staff?

Anonymous said...

We need canopies in Fua Xing to protect us from the pig-eon droppings!

Anonymous said...

Putting bling and crap on old building, What a scumbag this guy is.
Why dont we all have awnings, then "corner to corner" tunnel scaffolding, then rental units and building tumors jutting out above our heads.
Is that whats coming next ?

In the old days sidewalk cover awnings were for intended funeral parlors

Junaid Tutorials said...

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Anonymous said...

They gots class!

woodside guy said...

Is there a permit for that canopy? If not was a violation issued?
3.4 Canopy Authorizations and Permits
Canopy authorizations and permits are required to place a canopy over the sidewalk. Canopy placement must be adequate for public safety and must be suitable to the circumstances of the proposed canopy location and not interfere with the public use of the sidewalk.

Listed in the following paragraphs are some of the requirements for canopy authorizations and permits. The full list of rules and regulations is contained in the Highway Rules, Sections 2-02 and 2-04, and should be consulted before any work is performed on the street.

Canopy placement must be approved by the owner of the property to which the canopy will be attached.
Canopy design and construction must be in accordance with NYC DOT Standard Details of Construction. View the most recent version of Drawing #H1029 of the NYC DOT Standard Details of Construction.
Canopy permits are not transferable from person to person or from the location of original issue.
No attachments of any kind are permitted on a canopy, including, but not limited to temporary or permanent signs, balloons, streamers, flags, banners or pennants.
Canopies must be well-maintained at all times.
Canopies must be fully roofed.
A list of partially and fully restricted streets where canopy placement is limited or prohibited can be found in the Highway Rules, Section 2-04(f).