Thursday, October 15, 2015

Sunnyside parents suggest new school location

From NBC:

For thousands of New York parents, it's a challenge finding a public school that isn't overcrowded. In one Queens neighborhood, they're looking for a unique solution -- but will the city respond? Andrew Siff reports.


(sarc) said...

Don't worry, once the Syrian migrants get here it will be much better. Especially when they take classrooms and designate them as prayer rooms, and build foot bath stations...

Anonymous said...

the city property would be much better suited as a homeless shelter!
there is a homeless crisis.

JQ said...

Or build legitimate affordable apartments.

Good luck finding a philanthropic developer.

Something has to be done about the area median income rates to qualify for the 20 percent.

But like the guy at the end said, didn't the city think these kids were going to grow up? No, and the city also didn't think that if you built ugly glass towers/tumors, married tenants wouldn't fornicate and the population would grow.

Anonymous said...

affordable housing?
you know what u get?
"the projects"
these statist planners will never learn.
how about a good economy where people can make a decent living?
instead we are flooded with wrenched refuse from all the countries that hate us & dragging our wages down.


JQ said...

affordable housing?
you know what u get?
"the projects

what do you think these 80-20 towers and all this luxury development are?

vote trump,no. I think he's there to further discredit the republican party and bolster Hillary Clinton, considering his recent comments about tuesdays debate.

be careful what you wish for.