Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Lots of kids in shelters & special ed

From Capital New York:

New York City has massive numbers of New York City schoolchildren living in temporary housing, as well as a large and growing special education population, according to an Independent Budget Office report released Tuesday.

The large population of high-needs students may present new policy challenges for Mayor Bill de Blasio and his schools chancellor, Carmen Fariña.

According to the IBO report, there were 82,807 students living in some form of temporary housing during the 2013-2014 school year, including 27,772 who were living in shelters.

There are about 1.1 million schoolchildren in New York City.

The number of families living in shelters has increased substantially during de Blasio's tenure.


JQ said...

I posit this question again, but couldn't our stupid oblivious mayor could have take care of the homeless crisis first, that way he would have got a year up on his unattainable 10 year plan instead of focusing on pre-k? Wouldn't a child rather have a real apt. with a kitchen than 6 hours in a shoddy classroom to play and nap in?

And what's with all these kids in special ed? I recall a time when there was hardly enough kids to fill a room and now we got entire buildings devoted to this sorry program, which doesn't discern between those with limited mental capacities and spoiled punks and assholes. Although in this era, how can one think straight living in a cramped hotel room eating junk food everyday.

This is a state of emergency. And the future doesn't look bright for anyone except those who can afford the 3 large rent. This market rate madness must cease, or it might be some modern day french revolution involving all these uneducated bitter kids uniting, roving the streets in gangs and reclaiming fucking Brooklyn with extreme prejudice and random violence.

These are the bad new days deblasio, and your spineless approach to governing is the cause.

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes, we are well and truly SCREWED!

Anonymous said...

A jobs program for the cheese bus companies.Think of all the drivers and matrons that'll get hired.And contracted out consultants to perform the evaluations.Holy shishkebab!

Anonymous said...

The DOE warehouses children that are too limited to learn anything - it must have to do with money from Albany and the Federal Gov't. These kids would have been institutionalized previously!

The DOE wastes an enormous amount of manpower on plans for these kids - many of whom will never live independent lives or work.

These kids should not fall under the DOE budget!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Mayor Fugazio needs to mandate racial quotas for teachers like he is doing for museums and dance troupes.

Anonymous said...

S.E."pupils" are costing property tax payers in NYC $65,000-90,,000 per pupil/year.

their test scores range 0-15 out of 1oo%

this is not reading ,writing & arithmetic ????????

Anonymous said...

Hey, the benefits in NYC are the best around. That's why all the illegals and homeless come here. The taxpayers pay for everything. Maybe it's time for a New York State residency law.

Anonymous said...

imports, both domestic and international, bringing their defective offspring to feed on the teet of the city.

No big news here.

Anonymous said...

Special ed is another union scam to increase teacher pay. Thanks to Khan Academy, everyone can get superior schooling. Then you can grade them with certification exams like Microsoft's, so they can't bribe their graders.

Anonymous said...

if S.E @ $90,000/pupil/yr. is not showing any achievement, should these pupils ,who take 7seats/2 teachers, from a /30seat room, be in a MEDICAL FACILITY. this would release the 30 seat rooms for the local walking pupil, who is being bused out of their communities ,at great taxpayer cost SEE S.E.,PS993 in QUEENS.Is it a great scam for the U.F.T.?

the taxpayers good intentions and guilt are being exploited. we just cannot afford to pour $$$$into a marginal result.Is it not a complete failure ?