Friday, October 9, 2015

More money thrown at the Queensway

From DNA Info:

The Queens version of the High Line is one small step closer to becoming a reality.

The Trust for Public Land, which works on the proposed QueensWay, just got a $100,000 grant from The New York Community Trust “to support converting an abandoned rail line in Queens into a 3.5-mile linear park.”

The entire park, which envisions bicycle and pedestrian paths and an adventure park as well as a number of sports facilities, would run from Rego Park to Ozone Park along the rail line abandoned in the 1960s.

It would cost about $120 million to build it, according to a study, which was released last year.


(sarc) said...

$120,million plus cost overruns, figure a quarter BILLION DOLLARS when all is said and done.

That is a separate ledger journal entry...

Anonymous said...

How much would it cost to return it to a usable rail line?

Anonymous said...

woodhaven blvd is a mess and never getting better
everybody knows that these dot planners are stupid and have no idea about the real world
the sbs is bull & useless
the only other north south route is the highline
so they are making sure and going to guarantee that it will NEVER be used for anything other than bikes
whats the real plan people?
make it as miserable as possible?

Anonymous said...

No one knows the cost of rebuilding the rail line because Cuomo only wants to fund studies for the train, and refuses to even consider the regions transit needs.

One estimate I heard is around $1M per mile, per track. There's also a lot of bridges that would need work or be replaced.

As steep as the price is for reopening the railway, once the right of way is gone, we will never get it back, and there will basically never be another opportunity to provide that part of the city with better transit. The woodhaven SBS they are putting in as a replacement as a 'fix' is nothing more than a red herring that will make traffic in these transit-starved areas significantly worse.

Anonymous said...

There's one big thing wrong here. Manhattan's high line gives tourists something to see.
What is there to see in Queens? contracts. Spend the money on good schools and hospitals.

Anonymous said...

dizzy lizzy has a plan to connect her lite rail scheme with the Rockaway Beach Branch

Crowley light rail plan

Anonymous said...

The shouldn't allow dogs and bicycles, that's it!!

Anonymous said...

Who told Liz to push this rail plan
Sounds like a ruse
Like rezoning the rail corridor after the community worked so hard to downzone
Isn't the Wilner property right there?
Wow now the homeless get their own private railroad with their own personalized station
And easy access for all the skells right to glendale

Anonymous said...

Leave it alone,love the wild flora.....

(sarc) said...

Oh come on.

There are tax dollars to be spent by the wonderful council member...

JQ said...

"There's one big thing wrong here. Manhattan's high line gives tourists something to see.
What is there to see in Queens?"

I'll tell you what you will see from that hysterical projection pic that the crapper posted-

a white castle, a car wash, a storage unit building and dilapidated roads and reckless driving on Woodhaven and Rockaway Blvds.

This should not be and nobody is up in arms and waving torches about it. This is a field of dreams lunacy mission to court predatory developers and soulless investors. Mario's son with the help of his patsy Penderass is withholding transit funds to blackmail Mayor Big Slow to siphon cash for much needed renovations to rail lines and service. It's outrageous that billions have been spent for 2 lines in manhattan that the public never asked for (2nd ave. and the 7 extension) when this route could have been restructured in the same amount of time.

Every day,every hour,every minute and every second these elected sociopaths make clear that the only thing that matters are the interests of those profiting from this maniacal development at the expense of crucial infrastructure and the safety of the commuters. They know this doesn't make sense and they can't be stopped.

Mario's Son to tax paying home owners and renters in Queens-Drop Fucking Dead.