Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Gentrification hurts the poorest residents (duh)

From the Daily News:

The city hired five NYCHA residents to work as urban “interpreters” who gathered information for a $250,000 report that reached a conclusion most New Yorkers already accept as true: gentrification doesn't help the poor.

The study, "The Effects of Neighborhood Change on NYCHA Residents," written by the consulting firm Abt Associates with help from New York University's Furman Center for Real Estate, found that NYCHA tenants often wind up feeling like aliens in their own neighborhoods, surrounded by newcomers who claimed they'd just "discovered" the neighborhood.

“NYCHA residents could be priced out of new private amenities and new, higher-income neighbors may not contribute to accessible community resources,” the report reads.

The document was finished in May — the same month Mayor de Blasio announced his version of a controversial plan to build hundreds of market-rate apartments on "underutilized" NYCHA property.


(sarc) said...

Jobs help the poor.

Education helps the poor.

A good economy helps the poor.

Not teaching people to be dependent on government helps the poor.

Not flooding the labor market with tons if ILLEGALS helps the poor.

Whatever helps the poor get out of poverty helps our community and country.

And we needn't spend $250,000 on simple facts.

Your government at work wasting your tax dollars, keeping people poor so they are beholden to government, and must vote for a particular party to continue the flow of freebies...

Anonymous said...

NYCHA tenants often wind up feeling like aliens in their own neighborhoods

The whole city is subsidizing THEM to *rent* somewhere, but it's THEIR neighborhood? Got it.

Also this gem:
The study noted there was also no guarantee that the upscale gentrifiers would send their kids to the often lousy public schools in the area NYCHA residents' children attend or even buy milk at the local bodega.

Newcomers "may opt to send their children to private schools and support new grocery stores that may include only expensive fare, out of the financial reach of NYCHA residents," the report read.

So I am not a NYCHA resident, paying market rate, and I have to send my kids to school and shop where NYCHA residents want me to? Got it.

Yeah, this is some real depths-of-depravity oppression...

Anonymous said...

The residents of these neighborhoods who lived there before the NYCHA residents moved in probably felt the same way--like aliens when a crowd of "gimmie-gimmies" moved in. You've got a nice neighborhood and then a bunch of people who have no tie to it get placed there and treat it like crap. But let's all coddle and feel sorry for them.

I work hard, make a salary I can live on and I, too, will be priced out of LIC one of these days. But no one will care about that. This city won't be doing any study to find out about me.

Anonymous said...

Some people who aren't poor are buying housing. Obvious.

The city government has ten thumbs resting on the housing market. "Public housing" is city government housing. Obvious.

The effect limits the supply of housing better than a windowless 8x8 space in a basement with 10 unrelated people sharing one toilet and one sink and no shower/bath. Obvious.

So there's more demand than supply. The prices go up. Obvious.

You are responsible for you own life and you have made a series of personal choices that put you in NYCHA housing tax-free - while someone else is paying market-rate for their housing AND paying the taxes that keep NYCHA housing funded and a roof over your head.

You should thank the gentrifying market-rate renter for paying taxes - which is the only thing that can keep this dysfunctional system going.

JQ said...

This study is an outrage.

And I mean the study, 250 large to hire some hack focus group which could have went to remove mold or patch up some cracks in the walls and ceilings. But from an agency that squandered millions hoarding metal desks and office supplies this foray is just typical substandard procedure.

All these officials are borderline sociopaths.Although this clueless study is actually more constructive and kind than the one mayor fun size ordered that actually fucked with a segment of the homeless population to see how they turn out. Something akin to what Ralph Bellamy and Don Ameche did in Trading Places (this was on the side of the article in yesterday's paper).


Anonymous said...

250,000K for a NYCHA study? Sounds like a bargain: http://therealdeal.com/blog/2012/07/11/nycha-investigated-by-feds-for-10m-report-not-available-to-the-public/

Anonymous said...

But isn't that the purpose of gentrification.....a little legal social engineering to displace troublesome minorities?
At least Andrew Jackson had the unmitigated balls to forcibly move the Cherokee nation further west so that the "white eyes" could take their land. Of course he was responsible for the old "spoils system" by which loyal friends got good jobs, perks and land. Now we have patronage jobs handed out to faithful clubhouse servants. Little has changed.