Friday, October 16, 2015

The NYPD can see right through you

From CBS 2:

As CBS2’s Tony Aiello reported, a civil rights group was raising concerns Tuesday night about privacy and health with regard to the vans.

Z Backscatter vehicles look like everyday delivery vans, but they pack equipment similar to that used in airports to peer under clothing and into vehicles. They can spot weapons, explosives and contraband.

“The NYPD, rightly so, is up on all the latest technology,” said Donna Lieberman of the New York Civil Liberties Union.

But Lieberman is concerned enough to join a lawsuit, seeking to force the NYPD to answer some basic questions about the X-ray vans.

Those questions include what safeguards are in place to protect the public from the radiation they emit.


(sarc) said...

"We are watching you"

Could you imagine if Stalin, or Hitler had this technology?

Just wait till Hillary has access to ALL the NSA DATA.

That enemies list she has been keeping will come in handy - no more Ms. Nice guy...

Jackson Heights Johnny said...

We NEED to keep our city safe!

Making the NYPD reveal ANYTHING about its security measures is pure madness; this will only lead to further trouble.

Anonymous said...

Can we use these vans at the border to stop human traffickers? Oh wait, you would have to want to stop them first.

Anonymous said...

Pure sickness, getting patted down without notice, and the perverts lurking freely in the streets . This is flat out wrong!

Anonymous said...

When did illegal search acceptable? Certainly not acceptable by my standards.

Now if they were using it to round and deport illegal aliens....sanctuary city. Never mind.

Anonymous said...

This is what you call keeping America safe now. The old way of doing things is not enough. If it stops one terror attack then it is worth it.

Anonymous said...

This is my boyhood dream, a machine that will allow me to see through girls clothes. See technology is ok if it is put to good uses.

(sarc) said...

"They that can give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin

All of you that want the Fourth Amendment repealed, I hope the jack booted thugs bust through your front door at two in the morning with some flash-bangs, with a no-knock warrant, rough up you and the kids, frisk your naked wife - and not let her put clothes on till they are done, toss, trash & DESTROY your house with the kids screaming being traumatized for life, and of course shoot your dogs in the process.
The kids just watch as the last bits of life escape Fluffy and Spritey while they bleed out on the white living room carpet.

All because of a misread, blurry double super secret, x-ray...
(that you think is a good idea!)

And after all is said and done you go on vacation to try and forget the whole shocking, dreadfully, distressing ordeal, you are at the airport and find out you ended up on the DHS warrantless "NO FLY LIST" - have a nice day!

You CANNOT have it both ways.

Either we have Liberty or Tyranny.

Tyranny "lite" will lead to ultimate despotism!

And sure, you can rant at the police, and try to have them neutered.
BUT - remember they are but the tip of the spear, and just like the guards at Auschwitz, they are just following orders.
Yes the politicians with publicly ostracize the police, but the Politicians appoint the Commissioners and set policy.
Remember YOU elected these people and their policies...

Realize all of this has actually happened.
See the links below for news stories:
Do you think you will get off the no fly list?

Anonymous said...

"This is what you call keeping America safe now. The old way of doing things is not enough. If it stops one terror attack then it is worth it."

Really? How many terrorist did they catch?

I did see one of these on Franny Lew, unflipping believable, major traffic jam, driving really slow, back lights taped off with a police car driving next to it.
Some company is making a lot of money on this scam that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

it's an asymmetrical war
we are always behind the 8ball
each time we figure out the plan they come up with a new one
we are always one or two steps behind
but granny still loses her nail clippers and gets groped

Anonymous said...

The cellphone tower signals will kill us all long before the x rays from the NYPD Mystery Machine can does. Better wear your tin foil hats!

Anonymous said...

the very definition of an illegal search.

JQ said...

The Blaz,Bratton and his complicit supporters refuse to get it. Bratton will lie to your face, which he did at that press conference, claim legality and say it's for our safety. More specifically for our own good and fuck you get a lawyer and we'll fight in court, which is basically the modus operandi for the NYPD's excessive force tactics and wide net fishing style of reaching quotas. These sociopaths don't care about the costs from lawsuits because the military industrial complex, which now includes the local police can afford a few million here and there (even though it's not their money but the taxpayers), for it's a now a worldwide billion dollar industry. Like how oil coporations, behemoth banks and auto manufacturers operate when it comes to polluting oceans, manipulating financial rates, and overlooking safety devices. And as with those entities, the laws are rigged so no one, despite the destruction and lives they ruin, will never face any jail time.

This comes after Obama's announcement, I don't know if it was ratified, on restricting distributing military equipment to any police force. Well we know how much Bratton gives a shit about that, for he is a major money maker for surveillance technology companies.

This latest affront to society by those sworn to protect it will just be abused, as it already is. And it's lazy police work too.

As for using this sinister device to stop terrorism, preemptively of course, the only actual visible terrorist act was thwarted by a t-shirt vendor in times square, despite the presence of multiple hi tech cameras surrounding the area. In actuality, the terrorist actually thwarted it himself, because he didn't know what he was doing.

It's exasperating cataloguing all this shit, which is what they want those concerned to be, and the rest of the masses distracted with their social media celebrity dish tripe. These abuses wouldn't also be possible if it wasn't for the fucking Patriot Act,which those pussy sheep in DC 2002 never read and which they recently renewed but they had no problem letting the Zadroga Act die.

E pluribus unum
annuit coeptis
Novus ordo seclorum
proficuis super populum

JQ said...

Another way the militarization of police and the mental oppression is ruining society as a whole is the fact that they are protecting using "intelligence", with the way it's procured and the following horrible results has reduced the word to an oxymoron.

Anonymous said...

Instead of talking about tin foil hats you should brush up on your physics.
Seems that you are way behind.

Anonymous said...

>This is what you call keeping America safe now. The old way of doing things is not enough. If it stops one terror attack then it is worth it.

That's right! Who needs freedom? Who needs liberty? Real Americans will happily trade essential liberty for temporary safety. Only a terrorist would say otherwise!

Anonymous said...

"The $825,000 Z Backscatter Vans the NYPD drives around the city look like regular police vans, but are equipped with powerful X-rays that can see through walls and vehicles. US Customs uses these things to scan cars and freight-containers, but only after they're sure there are no people around.

For more than three years, Propublica has been suing the NYPD for access to training materials and other documents explaining what the NYPD does with the vans, and even though a New York court ruled in their favor in January, the NYPD is still fighting the order in appeals court.

This week, the New York Civil Liberties Union and the Brennan Center for Justice filed for leave to intervene in the case with an amicus brief, arguing that New Yorkers had the right to know if the police were secretly looking through the walls of their homes while bombarding them with dangerous radiation.

The military-grade surveillance equipment, which utilizes x-ray radiation to image the inside of cars and buildings, is used to search for roadside bombs in Afghanistan. The NYPD has largely refused to disclose anything about how it uses x-ray vans on the streets of New York. The department denied a Freedom of Information Law request by an investigative journalist at ProPublica asking for records revealing the vans’ public health risks, the NYPD’s prior use of the vans, whether the department gets a warrant before it uses them or how long the NYPD holds on to images the vans capture. The NYPD also won’t say how much the x-ray vans in total are costing taxpayers, though reportedly the NYPD is shelling out between $729,000 and $825,000 for each unit...

...In ordering the NYPD to produce records related to x-ray vans in Grabell v. the New York Police Department, the trial court found that the NYPD did not show how disclosing information about these x-ray vans might compromise investigations. The NYPD’s refusal to disclose information is further undercut by the fact that other agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security, have already revealed the same types of information about similar technology."

Talk about f-ed up.
How about going after real criminals, prostitution, human traffickers, murderers?

Anonymous said...

Well the libs and criminal loving leftists killed stop,question and frisk.. Go back to reactive policing and 2000 murders a year. Most of the the people murdered back then were perps or minorities . Now with all the hipster settlers living in fringe neighborhoods ,we'll just have to sacrifice a few innocents. And the rest of us will just have to get used to a few more rapes,robberies,burglaries and car thefts and break-ins. But hey,no hassles from the jack booted thugs,seems worth it to me!