Tuesday, October 6, 2015

About those scooter cabs...

From WPIX:

There's a new cab service in the city but it may be illegal.

"Motoconcho" is the city's only known Vespa taxi service.

Customers can order a ride through an app, then a message is sent to a Vespa driver – who arrives within minutes.

The Taxi and Limousine Commission says such vehicles cannot be used as cabs and the company's owner may be violating city rules.

Dustin Rodriguez says the Taxi and Limousine licenses only apply for cars not scooters.

As seen previously.


(sarc) said...

Great to see that capitalism has not been totally destroyed in this city/state!

Don't worry - the powers that be will kill this along with any other entrepreneur that has a great idea.

The Vespa taxi service mottos:

"If I wanted to sit in traffic - I would have used uber"
"don't like how we drive? STAY off the sidewalk! ;-) "

Leave it alone! - once people start sharing head lice from the helmets, the business will die a natural death...

Gringo Libre said...

exactly how can this motoconcho outfit say that they are 'insured'??? there is no no fault coverage for any motorcycle in new york. and exactly how much liability insurance do these vespas carry? any insurance carrier is going to disclaim coverage anyway since these scooters are being used for business, which condition is not covered by the insurance policy. so if you are in an accident and get hurt while riding one of these toys, you better have your own medical coverage. and you better not expect to recover any money from the driver of the scooter if he is negligent. safe travels.

Anonymous said...

Ahh, another bit of my second home; Bangkok comes to NYC. Tuk-Tuk is next.

Anonymous said...

They have these all over Mexico City. Two words: dangerous and chaos.

JQ said...

This gringo is cognizant of the willful obliviousness and defiant stupidity of the hipster and the neo-tourist (I believe this era of tourism is stupider than before so I came up with a term).

What can be said anymore, look what passes for entrepreneurship in this city and worldwide. Uber,facebook,twitter,lyft,fucking snapchat(this juvenile shit is worth billions!!!) and the oxymoron titled smartphones is now the backbone of the economy. I guess that enterprising gringo just got inspired and naturally did not have to think that hard to come up with a little app-based business of his own.

The really sickening thing about this story and this hazardous service is the report by that advertainment hour fraudulently passing as news on PIX. This segment was totally biased against the cabs but sympathetic to the stupid asshole and his motocoocho venture, as every PIX report on any app that comes out or smartphone upgrade. (yes they devote more time on tech bullshit and viral videos than they do on crucial stories about housing or civic corruption, if you don't blink you might see a story on an abusive landlord, scumbag developer or an arrogant corrupt elected that goes over the line). I mean she rode with the loon and she didn't have any questions or couldn't inform the viewers her experience squatting on what little space she had on there. And this idiot thinks he will take customers over the bridges? Why is the TLC giving him the runaround instead telling him to fuck off and go deliver takeout?

In fact, PIX news are total useful idiots for what's being called "the innovative society" and the moneyed interests of immoral greedy developers of this supposed "revitalization" and "renaissance" of this city.

I know this is about this dumbass wanting to make money by jetting imbeciles around too cheap for uber and its imitators, but PIX news is the worst thing on TV.

Don't believe me, I have two words for y'all-Kori and Sukanya

and all the female journalists dress like escorts and trophy wives (tamsen fedal, that weather lady in the morning)

and two more words-Scott Sanford (I know he's sports, but...I'm fucking tired see for yourselves)

Anonymous said...

Probably be a good way to thin out the hipster herd..

Anonymous said...

Like the pedi-cabs, these are likely to fad and fade.

Anonymous said...

Capitalism & Entrepreneurship isn't dead. However i think that in this case the idea would not work for this city for obvious safety reasons. You're much safer inside a vehicle because of technological advances like seat belts airbags, and crumple zones which help to protect you during a collision. This is standard in most vehicles except for a motorcycle or a puny Vespa. A helmet is not enough protection. Scott Stanford Sucks !!

Crusseau said...

The city says these "MAY be illegal". Uh, if the city itself doesn't know, who does? They are either legal or they aren't. No wonder this city is so screwed up.

Anonymous said...

Another case of "It's all fun until someone gets hurt."

Make it legal, but require each operator to post a million dollar bond with the city, and carry $10 million in insurance.