Monday, October 12, 2015

MTA finally funded

From the Daily News:

A deal was reached Saturday to keep the MTA on track after Gov. Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio settled their differences over funding the future of the agency.

The city will pony up $2.5 billion and the state will provide another $8.3 billion in funds toward the agency’s five-year capital plan.

In a joint statement, Cuomo and de Blasio announced the “historic” deal to move forward with the $28 billion repair and improvement plan — with the city pitching in more than four times its original offer of $657 million.

In exchange for the city’s increased contribution, transit projects in the Big Apple will be prioritized and planned with the mayor’s reps on the MTA board, although details have not been identified yet.


Anonymous said...

Another Quid pro Cuomo debacle!

Anonymous said...

Oh great, the city contributes a fortune that we the taxpayer's will have to fork out but for what?
Manhattan gets the completion of the second avenue subway which runs from the upper East side to downtown. Long Islanders get the LIRR into Grand Central. The rest of us get shittier, dirtier, more crowded, more delayed subways and busses of which some do not run at night and nasty drivers who shut doors while you are five feet away from boarding!
Want a freakin' nightmare of a deal!

And now they wan to revive Congestion Pricing to make commuting even more difficult.

Anonymous said...

Congestion Pricing is important! They need us to pay for everyone else! If Queens gets decent public transit, who would pay for the roads?

Anonymous said...

Congestion pricing = more people stuffing into mass transit that is already broken, and more money out of the working man's pockets.

Elimination of 421-a = funding for transit and the money comes from mega wealth real estate developers who are NOT paying their fair share.

People who talk up congestion pricing are either really stupid or hardcore republicans with a lot of money in their pockets.

All of that said, this deal isn't a deal at all. There is literally no expansion of outer boro services. No work on reopening the north shore on staten island, no work on reopening the rockaway beach LIRR, etc.