Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Meng wants the EPA to take over plane noise issue

From DNA Info:

A lawmaker wants a federal environmental agency to take over efforts to fight airplane noise because the current overseer is "doing virtually nothing" to deal with it.

U.S. Rep. Grace Meng first introduced legislation in July that calls for the Environmental Protection Agency to take over work being done to mitigate noise in neighborhoods close to airports.

She's been vocal about the EPA stepping up its monitoring of noise for months, but now wants it to take over the whole process, currently handled by the Federal Aviation Administration.

"The FAA has failed the residents of Queens," she said, adding that the EPA is "better suited to handle the problem."

Her bill, the Quiet Communities Act of 2015, would bring back the EPA's Office of Noise Abatement and Control — which monitored noise issues until President Ronald Reagan defunded it in 1981, Meng said.

Airplane noise in Queens isn't new, the congresswoman pointed out.

But it's gotten worse since 2012, when the FAA implemented new flight paths.


Anonymous said...

No way!

Anonymous said...

This is a very good idea because the FAA has only
protected the airline industry at the expense of the health and well being of thousands of residents around the tri-state area. There is info in great detail here at these links : Queens Quiet Skies

Prospect Park Quiet Skies


Anonymous said...

From the FAA to the EPA?
LOL! Same federal government.
They'll find a way to screw us either way!
Congress member Meng is just trawling for votes.
She wants to hold her seat as long as her predessor Gary Ackerman did.
And why not? It's a damn good racket!
The air travel industry is to big.
They don't want to be ham strung by restrictions.

Anonymous said...

After many years of complaining to elected political officials and several years complaining to Meng she finally opens her ears and takes notice.


Anonymous said...

What a joke!!

Cuomo, Biden, et al want to fix up La Guardia so it can handle more flights.
Anonymous #3 is correct, it's all about votes. She even voted against the Iran nuclear deal.

She is trying to put some space between herself and her indicted family.

Anonymous said...

What exactly are the top 2 recommended solutions? The airports aren't going anywhere, and planes are inbound to NYC 24/7/365. This isn't Rochester.

Anonymous said...

found more details
it is about saving fuel and reducing emissions:


Anonymous said...

Hey anon #6

There is NO flight traffic at Laguardia be tween Midnight and 6AM

The curfew rules exists for two official reasons. First, noise abatement. Officially, the Port Authority states “To reduce noise, the Port Authority asks the airlines to voluntarily avoid scheduling aircraft operations before 6 a.m. and after 12 midnight at LaGuardia airport. This has a positive effect with regard to aircraft noise at night.” In addition, the curfew also allows heavy maintenance work to be carried out at night without interruption from aircraft operations.


Anonymous said...

The curfew has expired.

Read the article you posted.

Anonymous said...

The curfew has not expired. But the distance planes can fly from LGA has been increased so Delta can make more flights.

Anonymous said...

There will be a #NoFlyDay on 10/25 to bring awareness to the change in flight patterns. NoFlyDay is a national campaign to restore the peace & quiet destroyed by the FAA’s NextGen system.

Anonymous said...

So "La China" is a Johnny come lately to the plane noise issue.
She's got to get some good press after her father Jimmy was convicted of carrying ann $80,000 cash payoff to bribe a judge in the bottom of a fruit basket.

Anonymous said...

I will quote Evelyn Schechter,

"Many long-time northeastern Queens residents have previously chosen to live in this area of New York City precisely because of its prior reputation for peacefulness, cleanliness, neighborliness and other embodiment's of the American Dream. THE FAA IS KILLING, IN NORTHEASTERN QUEENS, WHAT LITTLE REMAINS OF THE AMERICAN DREAM."

Brian F. Will said...

Prior to 2012, the shared airspace between JFK and LGA allowed planes to utilize Flushing Meadows for noise abatement. Expansion of the JFK airspace has forced flights straight out over Flushing, despite years of never having had a permanent flight route over that area.

The Flushing Climb, in which "TNNIS" is based, was used only as a detour for sporting events. The mainstay departure routes from LGA's runway 13 were Noise Abatement Departure Procedures (NADP's). They were called the Whitestone, Maspeth and Coney Climbs. They reached an altitude of 2000 feet before passing over a single residence.

Anonymous said...

The Government(Port Authority/FAA)acts like it owns the skies over our neighborhood and the air we all need to breathe.

Anonymous said...

The LaGuardia situation is mainly based on the Port Authority's desire to increase traffic at JFK (something about adding/expanding a runway there). To increase the traffic at JFK, the climb at LGA must be redirected so that it's climb will provide enough clearance for the expansion of JFK. The FAA mandates "x" amt. of space in-between airport hubs for safety. Or at least that's the inside info I was told.