Thursday, October 8, 2015

Cuomo flip-flops on pork spending

From Capital New York:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo blasted legislative earmarks during campaigns, investigated them as attorney general and promised in 2012 that he would banish them from the state budget.

Now, he's approving them.

In the last week, leaders of the state Legislature publicly disclosed lists of earmarks they secured under the State and Municipal Facilities Program, which fiscal analysts have likened to the old “member item” program that let legislators direct money to local groups and projects at their discretion.

But unlike the past, agencies that report to Cuomo are reviewing — and signing off on — the projects before the money is released. According to critics, that means the Democratic governor is approving “pork” spending that skews to support powerful incumbents: Republicans in the state Senate and Democrats in the Assembly — even after railing against spending for “pet projects” earlier this year.


Anonymous said...

Hey Preet. You missed one.

Anonymous said...

Should we be surprised?

Anonymously Grey Gardens said...

Stay tuned, Anonymous---it took five years to nail a corrupt, gutless slug like Sheldon Silver (followed by the second toppled, Albany impostor, Dean Skelos).

The third (and most corrupt) Albany king will soon be dethroned by Preet---who is working overtime on nailing this monstrously failed emperor with no clothes!

Anonymous said...

see: (9/23/15) media H.H.S.audit of NYS health exchange , shows that 62% of claims accepted do not qualify for subsidies, under A.C.A(OBAMACARE).

What is left in your wallet in 2015........future?

Anonymous said...

Anon no. 4:

Which has what connection with this post?

Anonymous said...

ref:#5 you must not want the NY's to know that their nys gov. is squandering their tax $$$$ on freeloading crooks applying for OBAMACARE. Was it not suppose to be FREE?

did you know that in 2016 the union Cadillac H.C.package will be subject to the members paying I.R.S. tax? the Obama waivers are expired.

are you a freeloading progressive Marxist?

No. 5. said...

Anon no. 6: No, I'm a taxpaying independent who likes to think for himself, rather than spitting out illegible right-wing drivel.