Wednesday, October 14, 2015

CB7 wants restriction on Waterpointe site

From the Queens Courier:

Members of the Community Board 7 Zoning Committee on the Whitestone Waterpointe redevelopment project recommended last week renewal of the project’s special permit on one condition: that the deed include a restriction that no more than 52 homes could be built on the 18-acre site.

The Waterpointe development has faced community opposition in the past due to proposed changes that would have seen 107 townhouses built on the space instead of the originally planned 52 single-family homes. As most of the townhouses would have been two-family buildings, this would have resulted in a total of 203 units in the space, or around four times the original amount.

The changes were abandoned after an uproar from community board members and civic groups, and developers have since gone back to the original plan.

The project’s architect, Joe Sultana, was at the meeting representing the site owners, the Edgestone Group. He brought with him a letter of intent from owner Gavin Feng, in which he indicated that Edgestone would not build more than the agreed-upon 52 homes. [Joe] Sweeney, however, said that he would not accept anything less than a legal deed restriction to allow the renewal of the special permit with the City’s Board of Standards and Appeals.

A decision on whether or not to endorse its renewal must be made as soon as possible so that the project can be presented to the public in the next CB 7 meeting scheduled for Monday, Oct. 19.


Anonymous said...

Great idea, that's how to protect your community!!

Anonymous said...

Didn't Paul Vallone have his nose in this one in favor of development?
There's your developers's lobbyist for you.
LOL! And you think that he's there to represent his district in the city council.
Think again. Dump Don Paulo!

(sarc) said...

Let's see.

The Community Board is an "advisory" group that makes "recommendations" to the elected officials and unaccountable beauroracies.

Then these agencies do whatever they want.

Simple math:

Taxes on 52 buildings versus taxes on 107 buildings.

I wonder hoe this will end...

Anonymous said...

Stay away from any development, spelled with an "e" on Point(e). They are crappy construction of the first degree. Cardboard on cardboard.

Anonymous said...

^ Anything built post WW2 is basically crap. Plastics, laminates, and particleboard all around.

Anonymous said...

Particle board and plastic were not really used until the late sixties.
Fifties housing is still OK if you like plaster board walls instead of the real thing.