Friday, October 30, 2015

Unique Kew Gardens house finally sold

From DNA Info:

A historic house in Kew Gardens, which has been falling into disrepair for more than a decade, was sold last month for nearly $1 million.

The house, at 84-62 Beverly Road, constructed in the 1920s, is described as being built in an Anglo-Japanese style. It combines architectural elements of an English cottage with curved lines typical of Japanese rooftops, and is the only one of its kind in Queens, according to local historians.

Its previous owner, listed in public records as Mun Chang, moved out about 15 years ago and the house began to deteriorate, locals said. Chang could not be reached for comment.

In 2009, the Department of Buildings declared the house unsafe after a building inspector found it vacant and its front door and garage door left open, according to the DOB.

The agency then obtained a court order to seal the building by pouring concrete over the ground floor windows, according to the agency.

But despite its decrepit shape, the 3-story house was purchased on Sept. 10 for $990,000, according to Mitra Hakimi of Mitra Hakimi Realty Group, which closed the deal.


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile check out the Japanese House in Brooklyn:

Yes, tale of two cities. Queens, the Hermit Kingdom, and everyone else.

(sarc) said...

It is extremely ugly - it is no wonder that it took this long to sell.

Bring in the bulldozers...

Anonymous said...

Let's hope that this Anglo-Japanese house is kept in good shape. Knowing this neighborhood, I expect a Bukharian brick house with a six-foot wall around the paved yard.

Anonymous said...

Clearly the intent is to doze it ASAP, and med mcmansion it. No one is going to spend a dime refurbing this broken down 1920s antique, unfortunately. The impressive part is that the property sold for what it did.

Anonymous said...

No one is going to spend a dime refurbing this broken down 1920s antique, unfortunately.

Talking like your typical real estate-developer-politico numskull.

What you say only applies the to the thinking of those losers running Queens for the past generation. Anywhere else the civic leadership is sophisticated enough not to dare talk like that.

Anonymous said...

It's a beautiful house, but if someone was building it today, we'd have people calling it a "McMansion" and complaining it doesn't look exactly like all the other houses in the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Is it landmarked? It should be for its uniqueness. But it won't be.
This is the land of forgotten Queens.