Thursday, October 29, 2015

AirBnB hostess arrested?

The Queens Gazette has reported the following:

"The owner of the Bayside home where two young men were shot during a party has been arrested."

But they didn't elaborate and I can't find this in any other news source.

Your guess is as good as mine.


Anonymous said...

Must be a reason hubby split,I'm guessing financial fraud

The Gazette is Disgusting said...

AND the Gazette didn't apologize in this week's edition for last week's Vallone fiasco. Way to go Barsamian.

Anonymous said...

Baysiders best kept secret. It's full of drunks, misfits, scammers.
Along with the old "White" gentry are the newcomers putting on airs.
But, during the winter holiday season, the lighted arch proclaims, "Welcome to Bayside Village".
Yeah....the village idiots hiding the debauchery of their private lives.
I've been to a Bayside cocktail party. What a bunch of boring secret drinkers....bigots too!
I'll take Flushing's immigrants over Bayside's hypocrites, any day.

Anonymous said...

She hosted a party. I see no mens rea for any intentional crime or evidence of conscious disregard or failure to perceive risks. What's the charge?

An Anonymous # 3 - You are a bigot against white people. Typical liberal.

Anonymous said...

She hosted a party where admission was charged and served alcohol in the presence of minors.

Anonymous said...

Still no description of the shooter,why

Anonymous said...

I'll take Flushing's immigrants over Bayside's hypocrites, any day.

Bla bla bla, the Flooshing immigrants will not take you buddy.

Daisy girl people do get arrested for what you did.
Plenty of examples in the past couple of years and most of those parties did not end with a bang if you know what I mean.