Wednesday, October 7, 2015

US being screwed out of jobs

From the Daily News:

Paragons of American corporate citizenship are perverting an immigration program that was designed to boost the country’s high-tech economy.

The U.S. Department of Labor has let businesses as prominent as Walt Disney World and Toys R Us use a special category of work-related visas not only to cut costs but to send jobs overseas.

President Obama wants immigration reform? It’s never going to happen this way.

So-called H-1B visas are intended to admit into the U.S. highly educated, highly skilled workers whose talents are desperately needed. For example, a company may apply to bring computer engineers from abroad if it cannot find enough of them in America. That, at least. was the theory.

Now, it turns out that consultants that specialize in helping companies move operations overseas are securing most of the 85,000 H-1B visas issued annually — and are using them to help eliminate jobs wholesale.

With calculating cruelty, the consulting firms obtain visas and bring workers in to copycat the tasks of U.S. workers slated, whether they know it or not, for the unemployment line.

When the knowledge download is done, the visa workers fly back overseas, often to India, to train their countrymen to join the company payroll at a much cheaper rate.


Anonymous said...

Thirty-four years of Reaganism and war on unions and this is the result.

Anonymous said...

I am seeing this happen through a unique lens in my own life.My wife, who came here from the Philippines on a K1 visa is working as a CNA in a local hospital after being unable to secure the job she was recruited for with the US Census Bureau due to politics.(long story)
Meanwhile, her niece and the nieces husband have been rotating in and out of the US ( and a few other countries as well) for turnkey training,.brought in by a US based firm, Accenture with an account with multinational pharma companies to replace "expensive" local workers with cheaper foreign nationals.The couple has been split up,.often for months at a time, and is thankfully being helped by extended family in raising their young special needs son while they try to keep in contact via Skype and social media.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This has been going on for many many years now and the only way to stop it is to tax those companies for hiring non american workers. This will never happen in this liberal society though! Stupid liberals have taken over this country and its probably going to get a lot worst.

Anonymous said...

Thirty-four years of Reaganism ???

By whom?

(sarc) said...

Wow - no jobs, imagine that.

More people on SSI than ever in history.
"Disability Beneficiaries Top 11 Million for First Time this past June." Once your unemployment runs out, your back hurts and you get benefits for life.
Did I mention the disability trust fund is broke - imagine that. The POTUS says no problem, he will just raise payroll taxes. And you working people are paying for it.

"According to the montly Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers just released, "foreign-born" jobs numbers increased by 14,000, while those for "native-born" Americans fell off a cliff, by 262,000."

I posted a list of layoffs in one of my other rants, I will spare you repeating it. Hope you read it!

Imagine that.
This is all part of the "fundamental transformation of America".
This does not take into account the millions flooding over our OPEN borders, the POTUS's current amnesty programs, the citizenship given to ALL anchor baby family members, and the 200,000 or so Syrian migrants that will be here any day now. They better get going on building more Homeless shelters!

So how long can this go on?
Usually September/October things get better - not revised down as things get ramped up for the holidays. So many people are working multiple part time jobs. Hours are being cut, wages stagnant, other than gas, prices are going up. Thankfully we have Obamacare - who knows where we would be now. Forecasts are horrible, manufacturing is down, here AND in China.

Why are gas and metal prices down? Nobody is buying them, here or the rest of the world. Economics 101 - supply & demand. No demand, prices go down. The entire globe is in economic stagnation.

Charity begins at home. Let us start taking care of our own before we invite the entire third world here!

So what is coming with bubbles all over? The dow is over valued, the real estate market has never recover (yes there are parts of nyc that are doing great but not a reflective of the country). How long can the economy go on with QE (electronic fed money printing, ZERO interest) inflation/deflation.

Russia flexing military muscle, and incredible global unrest.
OH - the POTUS just gave Iran $150 BILLION and a path to their bomb. How do you think that will work out.

And the TPP agreement should go into effect in the next few months. It encompasses 40% of the global economy. It is just like Pelosi said about Obamacare "you have to pass it to see what's in it".
How do you think that will work out???

Was there ever really a recovery?
So if there's no recovery, can we truly be going back into a recession?

So how's that diversity thing working out for you?

You get the government you deserve!

Hoping and praying everyone is ready and holding on for the roller coaster ahead!!!

(sarc) said...

Anon #1
Are you kidding?
People getting tired of "it's bush's fault"?
So you need to go back and blame Reagan?
Did you forget about the Carter years?
What about the eight years of Clinton and the past six years of fundamental transformation?
Bush 43 turned out to be very liberal - he spent, increased debt ( not as much as obama) and hugely expanded Medicare, Medicare.
You forgot the war on woman...

Anonymous said...

H1Bs were a scam in the first place, designed to depress the salaries of American techies. Can't let an industry flourish without screwing the workers.

It's no surprised they've extended the idea near universally.

Anonymous said...

" All the more outrageous, companies that apply for H-1B visas must certify visa applications “will not adversely affect” U.S. jobs — an assertion that if false is punishable by up to five years in prison."

When will we see a single executive prosecuted for flagrantly breaking this law?

S.O.L. said...

Maybe its time to bring the pitchforks to, say, Southwestern Connecticut. Where these 1% traitor scumbags reside.

(sarc) said...

The traitors are the politicians!

They are the ones who put the via scam in place and are letting this go on, and on, and on...
They need more democrat voters and cheap labor!
The fix is in.
And you think the current justice department {Loretta Lynch working for Obama} is going to crack down on visas, and immigration? REALLY???

"Illegal immigrant deportations plummet as amnesty hampers removal efforts"

Maybe Anon# whatever has a point with Trump.
I am not a fan, but sick of same old stuff.
Build a wall - deport them all!

The CEO's are using the laws to their advantage.
They have an obligation to the shareholders.
Don't start the corporate greed rant.
Most of you have all the major corporate stocks in your retirement / 401K portfolio.
And you all get upset when the returns are not spectacular.
How's that money in the bank doing?
at 0.1% interest, it is being eaten up by inflation.
Bonds are in the "crapper" also.
So your only other option is this volatile stock market...


(sarc) said...


Did you ever get a good paying job from a poor person?

You want the government to take over all the major corporations?

Do that and get rid of the 1% and we can be Venezuela.

Sorry for the multiple posts, but I feel this is an important dialog and an indication of how UNINFORMED the general population is...

Anonymous said...

The problem here is the bought and paid for politicos don't realize the damage they have done.
Outsource the jobs, outsource your customers and tax base.
The visa business is a scam.
Now the economy wizards are wondering why the market is doing so bad, why are stores, and businesses closing. Geeee wonder why!

Anonymous said...

They outsource, but pay no taxes!

Anonymous said...

Some facts about employment stats of Democratic vs. Republican admistrations:

Job growth under Carter (1977 -80) was 3.1%
Under Reagan it fell to 2.1%
During Bush-I it was o.6%.
Clinton presided over 2.4%.
For bush-II it averaged 0.7% and fell much lower toward the end of his administration.

The historic averages from 1921 to 2003 (when I did this research) job growth was 0.51% in republican administrations and 3.16% in Democratic administrations. These figures are a bit skewed by the fact that republicans often presided over periods of recession and were thus replaced by democrats.

These are official government labor stats I researched for my brother's M.A. thesis.

Anonymous said...

74% of statistics are made up
yes we can
the best economy ever in the history of the world is with obama!

S.O.L said...


I am not one of the uninformed sheeple. Here are some facts for you.

From 2009 - 20012 the top 1% saw their incomes climb 31.4% — or, 95% of the total gain — while the bottom 99% saw growth of 0.4%. Guess which group all of here fall under?

Those rich people who gave you a job now want mass illegal immigration so your kids will work along side them for slave wages.

Those rich people have the politicians in their back pocket. Vote them out you say, I say six in one hand, half a dozen in the other.

Those rich people need to have the fear of god from us "poor American citizens"

I wouldn't piss on Venezuela if it were on fire.

I know you mean well but, one needs to see the whole picture.

#3 percent #2A

(sarc) said...


I will not argue about the stats, and I do see the big picture. I can only type so much in my rants.

From your original post it sounded like an "occupy" rant about eating the rich.
As I stated IMHO the CEO's are using the law that they negotiated with the politicians in a back room.
I have no issue with the CEO's & the 1%. I work hard every day, and hope one day to have my own private jet, "SARC1".

You sounded divisive, just like the current regime using the Alinsky model, ever dividing, and distracting, pitting groups against one another, splitting those groups, and so on, so no one sees the big picture or the fundamental transformation going on.

I have greater issue with the politicians that are supposed to be accountable to We the People.
BUT both parties are letting the country be overrun with illegals - the left wants the votes from the illegals via amnesty, anchor babies and chain migration by bribing them with entitlements, and the right wants cheap labor and depressed wages from the flooded labor market. The conservatives just want limited government, And the libertarians just want to smoke dope.

So rather than Storm the Bastille up in Connecticut, I would think some serious tarring and feathering in Albany and DC would be more appropriate. Regarding some fear for the politicians, there are checks and balances in the Constitution, as you are aware, unfortunately common core does not teach that. They just brainwash the children.

My comments on Venezuela were in regard to the occupy crowd down there, that ate the 1% and now have a utopian socialist government paradise were everything is controlled by the government to be "fair". so everything is fairly rationed. Now everybody waits on line for three days just for a roll of toilet paper. I like to remind people that those who forget history are dammed to repeat it. Recent and ancient history. If we continue, NYC will be Detroit and the US will be Venezuela. Notice my link, since most of the sheeple have NO idea what is going on down there.

I am with you on #2 & #3...

Anonymous said...

Ladies and gents here is the new low.

"Urban Outfitters has sunk to a new low, this time asking employees to work for free during the busy holiday season. The company boasted it received a tremendous response to its ‘team building activity’ and planned to reward employees with free food and rides to work, but don’t expect to get paid. The last time I looked Urban Outfitters was still very profitable making 80 billion dollars last year."

Soon we have to pay to work.

Anonymous said...

Liberals hate America.

I hate liberals.

The us is pretty much done. Had a good 200 years of self sufficient freedom. Now just another weak country.

If you've ever voted democrat, FU.

Anonymous said...

The aghadhimmics love foreign students because they turn a blind eye to all the grant theft. Heck, they can be intimidated by yanking their visas if they tell the truth.

S.O.L. said...


Your ok in my book!

The only ones I would choose to divide & conquer are those who use that tactic against the American people.

The wealthy never work hard, only their money. Guys like you and me work hard for the futures of our families. We cant let the left/right take that away from us.

Anonymous said...

Urban outfitters recently filed for bankruptcy. But back to the subject at hand which is outsourcing of high tech jobs. High tech companies argue that there aren't enough developers to write code. There's something called supply and demand. If there's demand then people will learn and train to become developers but the fact is that companies only care to lower cost and labor is a huge cost. Disney and other companies received bad press for bringing in cheap foreign labor to replace American employees who were told to train their replacements. Walmart is a victim of their low cost labor approach and now even the working poor can't afford Walmart so what happens to their business model? The high tech industry demands constant change and those in these fields have to be self learners. Whether or not it's India or other low cost countries the turnover is also high as these forgiven workers get their training from western companies then keep jumping to another company that pays more. But apparently, shoddy, inexperienced low cost labor trumps poor quality work.