Thursday, October 22, 2015

Ridgewood dog abuser arrested

From the Daily News:

A Queens man who let his pet Boxer get skeletally thin and suffer huge sores all over his body after months of neglect was arrested Monday, police said.

The pooch, named Brewster by rescuers, weighed just 25 pounds — half of his target body weight — when he was discovered by a good Samaritan curled up in a Ridgewood field last week, officials said.

Owner Anthony Esteves, 25, who lives in the neighborhood, allegedly deprived the dog of food, water and veterinary care between July 1 and Oct. 13, cops said.

Brewster has been recovering with a foster family since the leaving the vet.


Anonymous said...

Pu up a pic of this prick.....,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this scumbag's name - I hope he meets up with some really huge dog lovers one evening.

An eye for an eye!

Anonymous said...

Wow the soundtrack and voice sounds like a an ad !! weird and spooky