Monday, February 11, 2013

Things still ain't what they used to be in Rockaway

From the Daily News:

More than three months after Superstorm Sandy ripped through Rockaway, residents are still struggling without the services New Yorkers take for granted: electricity, post offices, banks and supermarkets.

But what’s even more painful, some locals say, is the perception outside the peninsula that life is somehow back to normal.

“They don’t understand,” said long-time Belle Harbor resident Ed Andrews. “They need to come out here and take a walk along the beach.”

A home at the end of Andrews’ block still sits precariously on the sand, one side torn open by the storm to reveal a dining room and staircase.

“You have to go down Woodhaven Blvd. or Brooklyn to do shopping,” said Andrews, adding the commercial strip on Beach 129th St. is “demolished.”

There are still almost 2,000 customers without power in the Rockaways, according to the Long Island Power Authority.


Anonymous said...

I would be more sympathetic to the residents of the Rockaways if they weren't so disdainful of the rest of us. The very restrictive parking regulations - including no parking on City owned streets for months at a time so the politicians and judges don't have to be exposed to the "regular people" on their beaches - are saying that the rest of us should rush to their aid. I say take care of your own problems in your own private enclaves if that is the way you want it.

Anonymous said...

you think the papers can get more creative and find a different spot. They have been using that house as a backdrop for months now.

Anonymous said...

Things ain't never gonna be what they used to be. These storms will happen every year from now on. Only an idiot would stay and rebuild.