Thursday, February 28, 2013

Good luck with that

From DNA Info:

A new beer hall and a music venue might be on tap for Court Square — part of a plan to turn the booming neighborhood into a nightlife hub.

Rockrose Development Corp. is building thousands of luxury residential apartment units in the industrial Long Island City neighborhood, but retail amenities are still sparse.
The company's president, Justin Elghanayan wants to change that.

Rockrose has plans to draw retail tenants to the neighborhood — with hopes for a beer hall, music venue and high-end restaurants — with the anticipation that Court Square will be one of the city's next nightlife and cultural destinations.


Anonymous said...

Rockrose got its start importing used clothing for the Shah or Iran I believe.

Anonymous said...

It looks like the elder Elghanayan is out of the picture.

Maybe his ex-wife cleaned him out with her hefty divorce suit.

Wasn't it for about 2 BILLLION dollars?

Anonymous said...

Well, the transporation is good-- subway lines. Sounds like a good idea and plan.

Anonymous said...

If Citibank says, "make it a winner", guess what happens? Citibank owns a LOT of property besides it's Mordor-like tower in the nabe. I am quite sure nobody with intent to "improve" the nabe will find themselves short funding.

Anonymous said...

Please! I live here! Don't want clubs and loud twerps who have no respect for others! Go away!