Thursday, February 14, 2013

Kids are snug as bedbugs in rugs

From DNA Info:

Bed bugs have been found in 15 classrooms at P.S. 69 in Jackson Heights since September, according to the Department of Education.

The school, which is located at 77-02 37th Ave., has a history of bed bugs, according to parents and reports. At the end of the 2012 school year, for example, an outbreak cost parent Shirley Encarnacion more than $2,000 in extermination fees.

"I ended up getting bed bugs in my house," Encarnacion, 32, said. "It was horrendous. I'm scarred by it. I still get up in the middle of the night and check."

District 30 schools, including P.S. 69, have been receiving complaints of bed bugs since as early as 2006, according to a 2007 report in the Queens Gazette.

A woman at P.S. 69 who identified herself as an assistant principal declined to comment on the situation, except to say that she believed instances of bed bugs were common in city schools.
Education Department spokeswoman Marge Feinberg said though the specimens have been found at the school, there has been no infestation.


Anonymous said...

what else do you expect at Mos Eisley Elementary???

Anonymous said...

One of the many benefits of residing in the JH Historic district.

It's those 3rd worlders and their unsanitary living that brought them.

I wouldn't shop in Jackson Heights.
The bugs may have commuted elsewhere.

Wadda ya gotta say. Danny Dromm?

Anonymous said...

I find both of the comments above disgusting. If you don't like diversity, get out of the city.

And bed bugs can happen anywhere, doesn't matter how sanitary the conditions. If they are not eradicated effectively, they will spread to anybody and anything in proximity. Some are not able to spend the $$$ to hire the professional exterminators.

And it looks like the DOE isn't willing to even acknowledge the extent of the problem to address it properly.

Anonymous said...

Annon #2 replies:
I love diversity but I dislike unsanitary 3rd worlders.


Anonymous said...

Madre de Dios...
CHINCHAS (bed bugs) in tony Jackson Heights?

Who brought them?
Do these bugs have legal immigration status?