Friday, February 8, 2013

It's those darn Manhattanites!

From the Queens Courier:

Long Island City dwellers have circled the block for the last time.

Residents of the rapidly-developing district, sick of searching for scarce parking, blame Manhattanites for using the neighborhood with lax street-side laws as their personal parking lot.

“It’s a convenient place for those living or working in Manhattan to leave their cars for the day or weeks,” said Peter Johnson, a Long Island City resident who claimed the problem has persisted for years.

It can't be that LIC has towers in it now. Nope, that's not it at all. Keep building.


Anonymous said...

Well, it's probably a bit of both. The bottom line is more people = more cars, whichever way you slice it.

Anonymous said...

New rule, only resident-owners of 1-2-3 family homes may park on NYC streets for free - all others pay a permit fee or find a garage.

Anonymous said...

Fucking idiots. They built all those huge buildings and very few of them have garages.

No one ever wants to look in the mirror and realize they are the problem.

Alen said...

i do this in rego park, but only for a day once a week or so. drive my kid to day care there and leave the car to take train to manhattan.

takes to long to drive back to forest hills and try to find parking off the meter

Anonymous said...

Dont blame Manhattanites - blame your local councilman fawning all over the newbies - WANTING MORE - MUCH MORE - and his lapdog community board rubber stamping anything.

Anonymous said...

When the Vallones have taken thousands upon thousands of dollars in campaign contributions from the real estate industry, what can you expect?

You'll get more overbuilding and more overcrowding.

Where the Vallones hang their hats,
the neighborhood has much lower density zoning.

They'll crap in your yard, but never in theirs!

woodside guy said...

i believe the area of LIC pictured is in van Bramer's district

Anonymous said...

If they are going to build all of that stuff over there, and w/out garages, they should pool resources and turn one or more of the vacant Eagle buildings right near the 7 tracks into parking garages.

Park there and have your choice of the Plaza or Court Square stations.

The buildings would have to be modified with ramps and/or elevators sized for cars, but the floor slabs are certainly strong enough....And who the hell would want to live that close to subway tracks.

Anonymous said...

Van Bamber? Vallone?

Is there really a difference except one is an officious prig and the other is an obnoxious pig.

Anonymous said...

Van Bramer won't buck the Vallones,
even if this is in Councilman Jimmy's district!

Jimmy and Petey...
that's makes 2 rogues screwing the area...
and do you voters think they are representing you?

They're in bed with developers.

r185 said...

Most of the cars I see parking in LIC arrive each morning (i.e. the ones arriving at 7am, not the ones there night after night). I suspect they come in from Long Island, park in LIC and take the subway in to Manhattan. By 7pm every night my block is pretty empty.