Monday, February 25, 2013

Quaker Meeting House update

"Issues still exist, but building behind graveyard is going up. A very old maple tree had to be removed after damage to porch." - The Flushing Phantom


Anonymous said...

Of course "issues" exist.
The Chinese developer has no respect for the departed in this historic graveyard, unless they're his own kind.

Anonymous said...

The Chinese developer...
They eat their dead or sell the bodies to a take-out.

Anonymous said...

The Chinese developer has no respect for the departed in this historic graveyard, unless they're his own kind.


Please. I've had the misfortune of spending some time in China. They care just as little for their fellow kind than they do others. The Chinese are the Ferengi of earth. Profit above all else.

Anonymous said...

Who is the "Flushing Phantom"? Who are you? ~The North Flushing Phantom.

Anonymous said...

On the DOB's property profile shows 136-33 37th Avenue as 'LPCA - LANDMARKS-BSA ARCHEOLOGY RESTRICTIONS'. How come this project got the building permit without the approval from Landmark Preservation Commission? I saw the truck trailers in and out from the site without any engineer monitor the vibration and shaking which may cause damage to the Quaker House.

The Flushing Phantom said...

Perhaps "The Flushing Phantom" is a screen name that several contributers use. They might live in the north, south, east and western portions...
or perhaps not at all in Flushing.

Does that answer your question ?

You omitted the last question mark in your query.

It's time for you brush up on your English grammar,
or proof read your comments before posting them.

In the meantime, you may think of us as a squad of Zorros...agile, observant, sift and mysterious!

Adios amigo!

Anonymous said...

eventually the Quaker meeting house will be accidentally on purpose torn or burnt down by Chinese real estate developers who have been hungering after the property for decades.
just like they did to the movie theater.

and no one will be held responsible.

Anonymous said...

I doubt it. You're talking through your ass hat.

A recently updated sprinkler system safeguards the option of your so-called "Chinese lightning".

Then there are those state of the art intrusion alarms, etc. operating.

The Quakers have always pledged to rebuild if the extremely rare peril of fire should ever occur.

You are talking about a National Historic Landmark, which is on a parr with the statue of Liberty, fella.

The money is there to protect the meeting house!

Anonymous said...

The Chinese are a superstitious backward lot.

They would never build directly over bodies that are buried in the cemetery....BAD KHARMA....Bad feng shui!

BOOO...ghost come to haunt Yu!

That's why Tommy Huang had such bad luck with the RKO Keith's....those vaudeville ghosts still walking the auditorium....and his headquarters are located right across the street.