Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Queens Trib headscratcher

Front Cover
Back Cover
Hello Crapper: Did you see the full page ad on the back cover of the current issue of the Tribune? - "The Development of Nanjing and Jianye District" Commie Chinese $ at work? I ask again, just what is going on at the Tribune?

Regards GtheA


georgetheatheist said...

That's right folks. While the Chicoms hack the computers of United States corporations, organizations and government agencies, the Tribune publisher Michael Schenkler prints prominently their propaganda in his whore-classified ads-ridden rag.

Anonymous said...

He's getting ready to sell to China World Media.

Anonymous said...

The Trib, beginning with Ackerman, has always been hooked up to the Chinese, but not as openly until now.

The Chinese (Taiwanese) were heavily contributing to Gary's political campaigns from the get go (skillfully laundered, of course). Why do you think the Congressman was on the Asia Committe?

Ackerman and his boys were always tight with the notorious criminal developer Tommy Huang.

Liu, Nussbaum, Manes, Shulman, Meng...yawn...etc. are all tied together.

The feds will soon discover this.

Anonymous said...

That paper will fold soon.
Ink on parer media's days are numbered!

In the mean time they're hungry for Chinese advertising revenues until the Trib's owners can find other jobs.

Anonymous said...

It's been a few years since I wasted my time looking at the Queens Tribune, so I was quite surprised when I just looked at the e-version and saw only one page of whore ads. Looks like the money has started to dry up already.

Anonymous said...

okay why does the Queens boro Public Library that has so many libraries affected by the storm advertise for job search for illegal immigrants???
does this make anyone else angry?

Anonymous said...

what is the point of that ad? I found multiple advertisements for the Queens Public Library. why on earth are they spending money on this when they should be rebuilding the libraries shuttered by the hurricane?

Anonymous said...

Hi. This is China.
I own you.
You are force to buy all my products and you will never stop because your cheap and lazy.
Go out now and but all my products that were once made in the USA.
Thank you.
Sincerely China

Anonymous said...

Wait until Homeland Security starts hacking Chicom computers.
They've probably been doing it for years.

Do you think that the Chinese are they only ones playing that game?

Check mate! In the end WE WILL BURY the commies.

China is far too big and unwieldy to survive as the geographical dinosaur that they are.

Internal unrest will topple them within the next decade.

just like the former Soviet Union collapsed.

Anonymous said...

I found ways to avoid buying Chinese products.
I buy American or European! It might cost more but it's well worth the investment.

Learn to read boxes and labels in supermarkets to determine the country of origin.

There's a movement afoot in Europe, to identify and aid consumers in avoiding buying shoddy toxic Chinese crap!

You will see the Chinese export economy shrinking.
Look carefully and you'll see that it's already begun.

Anonymous said...

in the old days we used to refer to Nippon's tinny exports as Japanese junk.
Today it's been replaced by Chinese crap!

Japan's economy is in the crapper and China's will eventually follow suit.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a good plan. All of us stopping buy the Chinese toxic crap.

When are we going to learn?

Anonymous said...

Hey George, and all the rest, you'll love this one:

Anonymous said...

headscratcher? does that cost extra?