Thursday, February 28, 2013

Gateway units getting some grub

From the Daily News:

Jamaica Bay, a hidden jewel in New York City for nature lovers, could become a destination complete with food stands and rental stands for kayaks and bikes.

The Parks Department and the National Park Service are putting the finishing touches on a request for proposals to place concessions at several locations around the bay in Queens and Brooklyn.

The new concessions are part of a larger plan between the two agencies to cooperatively manage the 10,000-acre site, which is part of the Gateway National Recreation Area.

Parks officials unveiled the plan at the Community Board 14 Parks Committee meeting last Thursday. They posted a map of the area that showed several locations where concessions could be created.

But the agency declined to discuss the proposal until the RFP is released next week.


Anonymous said...

Parks Dept & Gateway have a plan, don't want to discuss it and get input from the locals before they put out a solicitation for bid. Something smells.

Anonymous said...

I protested when they proposed putting in their bike path, which resulted in their cutting down many feet of trees which formerly buffered Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge from street noise from Cross Bay Blvd. Now they want to destroy the little birdwatchers' Eden in the middle of the city. Food concessions will result in trash being discarded all over the sensitive ecosystem that is Jamaica Bay, endangering the many birds and other marvelous critters which call it home. Besides, who wants to take a nature hike over a trash-strewn path? Kayaks will also endanger nesting birds which require isolation from humans. BAD IDEA, you self-serving idiots!

Anonymous said...

Van Bramer's significant other is deeply involved in Jamaica Bay and getting public funds for his projects.


No 'we don't have any money' bullshit there.

Anonymous said...