Tuesday, February 19, 2013

In defense of pigs

From Eyewitness News:

They're not your usual family pet, but a growing number of families are choosing to have pigs as pets.

But now New York City is cracking down.

The city health department says they are simply enforcing the law and a state senator who lives around here asks why then things have been different for the mayor.

"It begs the question where was this enforcement when there was a pet pig in Gracie Mansion the mayor's daughter brought in? Where was that same enforcement," asks Tony Avella.

He wants the law revisited, and promises the city has bigger fish to fry.

From CBS New York:

WCBS 880′s Alex Silverman first spoke with disabled Navy veteran Nadine Darsanlal last month about her pet pig named Wilbur.

At the time, Wilbur was a therapy pig in training, being taught how to help others.

“I’ve had no issues legally, no,” Darsanlal told Silverman.

But she said in the past month she has faced “complete harassment.” Darsanlal said someone complained about Wilbur.

“The pig has not bothered them, hasn’t hurt anybody,” she told Silverman.

The Health Department served her a notice.

“I have to have him certified in Suffolk to live there in order for me to have him as my pet,” Darsanlal said.

“As of now, Wilbur lives in Suffolk until further notice. He’s registered under Suffolk with his microchips, so he’s technically ok,” Darsanlal told 1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera.


Anonymous said...

And when Bloomturd's daughter's pig Wilbur visited Gracie Mansion on Thanksgiving, I heard Wilbur drank a 20-ounce soft drink while smoking.

Joe Moretti said...

How about cracking down on human pigs, especially in the Jamaica area. Non-human pigs are actually clean animals and do not like to live in garbage and shit as opposed to their human counterparts. Give me porky pig any day before some low class 3rd world immigrant or low class ghetto person.

Anonymous said...

Bloomberg kids have all sorts of Horses and animals.
Like Newsdays/Cablevision owner Dolan-- 3rd world immigrant's likely operate & clean the stables and property's

Anonymous said...

Whew! I originally thought this post was supporting Claire Shulman!!!