Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Garbage piled up everywhere

Dear Councilman Leroy Comrie, Councilman James Gennaro, Councilman Ruben Wills, Queens Borough President Helen M. Marshall, Senator Malcolm Smith, Assemblymember Nily Rozic, Assemblymember Vivian Cook, Assemblymember William Scarborough, Iggy Terranova, Community Board #12 Members, Community Board #8 Members and Other Concerned Individuals:

I realize that some of you Jamaica elected officials are busy dealing with some corruption scandal issues (Councilman Ruben Wills, the latest rogue gallery playa; hell anymore you need a score card to keep track of all the dirty Jamaica elected officials) that occupies your time instead of focusing on real issues, but your job of taking care of your community of Jamaica (specifically the garbage issue) gets a failing grade. None of you have really done a damn thing to address it, let alone attempt to solve this issue caused by negligent property owners, owners of vacant & abandoned lots, local businesses not cleaning up, slumlord landlords, low class ghetto people and the influx of low class third world immigrants. And yes, these are the facts of who is causing the problem. I should know, I live here and see this everyday unlike some of you who have turned a blind eye. For you elected officials, if you have done something or addressed it, I would like for you to forward me an outline, along with what the plan was, how was it executed, when was it executed, the details and the results.

Here are today's garbage pick of the week, which includes a previous long standing member (168-07 89th Ave) and a new one (168-15 89th Ave). Both places are just two blocks from my apartment building.

1. Apartment Building at 168-07 89th Avenue (pics attached) owned by John E. Kruck of Hollis, NY. I have complained several times about the garbage in front of this building, how garbage is disposed of, no lids on containers, containers all over the sidewalk and garbage piled sky high. Can anyone tell me why this apartment building has no certificate of occupancy.

2. House at 168-15 89th Avenue (pics attached) owned by Codrington Hubert (lives on Long Island according to the neighbor). Right next to the slumlord apartment building above sits a white house that looks somewhat normal until you go to the back of the house, which is very easily accessible from the sidewalk and you will see a rat's heaven. Mounds of mounds of garbage including a refrigerator with the doors still attached (AH, major violation). The refrigerator and some of the garbage can be seen from the street. Also according to DOB website this house is zoned for 1 family but it seems to be a two family dwelling. I would not have known about this situation, but while filming a segment on that shithole apartment building with Ruchell Boone from NY1, the man living next door to this pile of shit told us about it. This is not an isolated case this is ALL OVER JAMAICA.

So while some of you are involved in the theft of taxpayers funds from nonprofit groups and other political shennigans our community is becoming hidden under a mound of garbage.

Until you show some respect toward our community and address this ongoing situation, you will receive disrespect from me. Remember you work for me (my tax dollars pay your salary), I do not work for you, although with all the leg work I do, it feels that way. I am extremely pissed off because for over two years I have been dealing with this garbage issue that is the worst in Queens and keeps getting worse every single day and it is still winter. Wait till warmer weather when Kennedy Fried Chicken bones are scattered on every block along with 24 oz cans of Arizona Tea and cheap vodka bottles.

One very pissed off constituent,

Joe Moretti


Anonymous said...

This is a message for Joe Moretti.

Joe, you do make a number of very valid points and I'm very glad for your persistence.

Now I personally have never been a politician nor have I ever worked for one. However, I've lived long enough and seen enough in my lifetime to know that once language like this is used:

"low class ghetto people and the influx of low class third world immigrants."

Politicians in this city dismiss everything you have to say. It doesn't even matter if it's true or not. You're instantly persona non grata to them.

This may be infuriating, unfortunate, unfair, etc., but if you want even the remotest possibility of an elected official listening to you, then it's probably best to choose your words more selectively.

And for what it's worth, whether you believe it or not, I and a lot of other people are on your side when it comes to the garbage problem and the inaction on the part of the city.

Hope you'll keep at it. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Joe, your spirit is commendable. But when will you realize you are shoveling shit against the tide?

Queens Crapper said...

Oh that's rich. Have you ever heard elected official talk about their constituents? Politically correct, they aren't.

Joe Moretti said...

Let's all be realistic, this garbage problem in Jamaica (which no other area comes even remotely close)
is a problem created by the low class ghetto people and the influx of low class third world immigrants (especially Pakistanis-I know my area has many of them and I see how their properties and store fronts are) plus the do nothing elected officials. Now the operable world is low class. Not all immigrants indulge in this behavior. My family, which were immigrants, never did, they took pride in their new American community.

Second my whole purpose of what I do is not to sit down and have discussions with some of the most corrupt political officials in Jamaica, but rather to bring a constant in your face presence through media showing the extent of this major problem that is getting worse everyday and the lack of leadership to even address this. I will let the other diplomatic folks, like the community board members, other individuals, etc to handle that aspect. My purpose is to throw this in everyone's face where it can no longer be ignored and where there has to be some dialogue, because it is an embarrassment to everyone. I have gotten wonderful support from the various media, including NY1, who filmed a story just yesterday. My goal was always to get this problem noticed and gather attention to it with whatever means that is, including offending the offenders.

Not everyone in Jamaica is low class, there are many of us who are middle class, even upper middle class, educated and care about our community and what is happening to it. Also not everyone who is an immigrant or in the lower economic level likes what is going on, but many of them do not have any idea on how to deal with this issue. Such as the gentleman (an immigrant) who lives next to that disgusting house at 168-15 89th Avenue and approached myself and Ruchelle Boone from NY1 when we were doing a story on the filthy apartment building at 168-07 89th Avenue. He is the one who showed us the back of the house next to him, yet he did not know who to handle this. Here is an individual with a nice house that he takes care of living next to this slumlord with mounds of garbage everywhere plus extended his house onto this gentleman's property. This is just one of many many issues like this.

So I will continue to use such terms as low class ghetto, low class third world immigrants, corrupt asshole elected officials, etc and shove this in everyone's face. I am just saying what most people think, but do not want to say. I am also holding up a mirror in front of this community and letting them see what is what. We need to be totally honest about the situation and sometimes the truth can be offensive and people cannot handle it. If we continue to skirt the issue the issue will never been addressed and solved and this problem will continue into another decade.

georgetheatheist said...

You can kill more flies with honey than with vinegar.

Anonymous said...

I think we need to start to identify this for what it is - as Crappy once said the pols have so monopolized the media and so brow beat us into believing that moonbeams comes from this element's ass.

We need to start to call this what it is - and believe me - the hold those pols have over us would melt like snow before a tropical sun.

georgetheatheist said...

...but, the wheel that squeaks gets the grease.

Anonymous said...

Go Joe. thank you for your public service. like the way you have the photo's organized with the building owner's name on it and date!!

Codrington first name is an immigrant probably from Guyana. These are the WORST slumlords in Queens. but then he's probably of Indian/Pakastani descent. live next to these people or how about rent from them. the horror stories one hears in Housing Court are unbelievable that Pakastanis and Indians feel that they can break the law and do what they want.
Deport Codrington back to the slum he came from. transport all the garbage to his front lawn.

Anonymous said...

What can you expect in ghetto-land, where the residents are garbage themselves!

Anonymous said...

Joe, the squeaky wheel might be working - as I was driving to work this morning, I saw 2 people (inspectors?) get out of a small Dept of Sanitation vehicle on 89th Ave just east of 168th Street. That's one of the buildings you mention today. Let's hope there's some action.

Joe Moretti said...

Here is a kick in the ass. After doing some more research, the owner of the property located at 168-15 89th Avenue actual name is: Hubert Genera Codrington. He is a general contractor in Queens Village, NY with license #18G70800. I guess the back of the house displays his quality work.

Anonymous said...

Moved away 25 years ago, but I seem to recall everything south of Hillside Avenue was considered Jamaica, not Hollis. Hollis is much further east, the Hollis train station on the LIRR is at 193rd st.

Anonymous said...

Georgetheatheist said :
"the wheel that squeaks gets the grease."

But if the wheel squeaks too much it gets replaced ! IMAO

Anonymous said...

My dear Joe,

I think it's good to be in people's faces about the garbage problem. And, I think it's perfectly fine to use strong language if the situation calls for it. But that doesn't mean you have to use language like,

"low class ghetto people and the influx of low class third world immigrants."

how about this instead,

"filthy, disgusting, pigs who think it's okay to take a dump in the middle of the street with your pants hanging down around your ankles in broad daylight while Ruschell Boone watches...and, the influx of uneducated people who've never learned that there are things in this country called garbage cans."

That gets the point across in an in-your-face way and it's, hopefully, memorable.

Still on your side, really.

Fight on, Joe!

Anonymous said...

The owner of that building is from Hollis, that apartment building is in Jamaica.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree with Anonymous 1, Joe.

Your language may leave doubt in some people's minds about your true motivations. Of course I have been following your blog posts on QC, and I know you are leading a righteous cause.

But if I were Hispanic, black or an immigrant from a third-world country (or even first or second) and read that letter without also reading your explanation in this thread for context, I would feel like you are targeting me and are unfairly stereotyping. It would irritate and distract me from your message.
I know you say you write to put the pressure on elected officials and community boards, but there may be some Jamaica citizens who would join the dialogue and be inspired to become their own neighborhood watchdog, too.

You obviously have a passion for these issues and I believe you underestimate how powerful your observations are. You don't need to risk alienating some groups to get your point across. I am actually surprised--but pleased-- that NY1 did a story with you.

I wish you luck.

Joe Moretti said...

Stereotyping, give me a break, I am not stereotyping but just calling out the culprits. We in Jamaica know exactly who is causing the problems "low class ghetto people and the influx of low class third world immigrants." Again I am using the world "low class", I am not saying it is everyone. And as far as "ghetto people", that can be any race, ghetto is ghetto. Too many of you are getting hung up on words in this so politically correct climate, that you cannot see the problem for what it is.

Why be surprised that NY1 did a story, this is a major issue here in Jamaica and we non-ghetto people and those of us who are not low class third world immigrants are disgusted by what is happening in our community. Obviously WPIX-TV had no issue since I did several segments with them including Help Me Howard and Greg Mocker.

Yes, I am targeting the low class ghetto people and the low class third world immigrants, because they are the ones who are causing the problem. If the culprits were middle/upper class black, white and Hispanic, I would be targeting them but that is not the case. Most of Long Island City, Forest Hills, Kew Gardens, etc does not have this issue (at least not anywhere to this extent), why, no low class ghetto people and low class third world immigrants. But go to the section of Queensbridge in Long Island City and the environment changes, dirty and litter all over.

If around my neighborhood on sidewalks, I see thrown on the ground: diapers, garbage bags thrown from cars, bottles, cans, fast food containers with food still in them, chicken bones, piles of dog shit, shoes, pants with shit in them, liquor bottles, etc, then yes it is being down by the above mentioned. Face the facts.

As far as some some Jamaica citizens (who might be offended by my comments) who would join the dialogue and be inspired to become their own neighborhood watchdogs, what is taking so long. I have only been here a little over two years, so where were they before that. What have they been waiting for. Why not prove me wrong.

There was a time, long time ago, that Jamaica was a very nice area. Clean, people took care of their community, etc. So, how did it get like this, it would not happen to be who moved into the community over the years, could it?

No matter how useless and corrupt many of our asshole politicians are, at the end of the day it is the people who make the community what it is.

But I do appreciate the support.

Anonymous said...


The politicians have a big hand in attracting a certain element into our community - they hate good government types and quality of life types - it makes their job difficult, cuts into honest graft, and makes them look bad.

The clueless third world types with no expectations from services by government officials, or how scant knowledge on what makes our system special and effective (hint: citizen participation) and are overjoyed that elites in their countries treat them like shit while our guys jump through hoops to tweed makes this a deal made in hell:

this is the result of our political ruling class pure and simple.

georgetheatheist said...

"Yes we can" - Barack Obama

"Yes I can" - Ayn Rand