Friday, February 8, 2013

Legislators want to raise legal gambling age

From NY1:

You could soon have to be 21 to place a bet in New York State if two Queens lawmakers get their way.

The change is being proposed in a bill by Assemblyman Philip Goldfeder and Senator Joseph Addabbo, whose districts include the Resorts World Casino at Aqueduct Racetrack.

New York is one of the few states in the country where 18-year-olds can gamble.

Goldfeder says he is concerned after spotting gamblers under 21 at Resorts World, which is near several schools.

The bill comes months before New Yorkers will vote on whether to legalize Vegas-style casinos in the state.


Anonymous said...

it should be 21 years of age -- to many young kids are gambling

Anonymous said...

If you're 18 and charged with a crime you are AN ADULT.


Queens Crapper said...

You can also get drafted and get killed in service to your country. But you can't have a beer.

Anonymous said...

with the unemployment numbers still 23 Million, and many 18-35 year old siblings returning to their parents homes, it should be mandatory that they not gamble now.

the most terrible SOCIAL INJUSTICE is being unemployed in America.

Anonymous said...

"the most terrible SOCIAL INJUSTICE is being unemployed in America. "

The most terrible SOCIAL INJUSTICE is not allowing someone to do what they want (so long as they dont not harm someone else physically) in America.

Anonymous said...

If gambling is so corrupting to young minds, shouldn't it be off limits to everyone? Bunch of hypocrites.

Look, if your district is having problems with underaged kids showing up in the casinos, demand better security and ID checks and educate parents at local schools. No need for a state-wide bill.

Anonymous said...

if one spends his unemployment $$$$$$ and food stamp $$$$$ to gamble, and has no $$$$$ to contribute to the parents household expenses,one bites the hand of those offering one security.