Thursday, October 15, 2009

Astoria man living in tent

From ABC 7:

Some residents in Queens are outraged over a neighbor's bizarre behavior. That neighbor has lived in a tent, bathes outside and walks around partially naked. But so far, residents and authorities can't seem to force him to cover up.

Romanian immigrant Mircea Fersedy, 61, has lived in the cluttered tent since April, two months after the city officials tossed him out of his home on 37th Street in Astoria because they deemed it structurally unsafe.

"The tent is an attempt to survive," the former pharmacist said. "After homelessness, I'm trying to survive. I paid a mortgage for 25 years, now I'm a beggar. I'm homeless. I lived in the subway and the airports for two months. Then I had the idea for a tent."

The building was boarded up in April. Federly then came up with the idea to put a tent in the backyard. He says he's going to stay here until it's just too cold for him to sleep outside.

But to some residents in the neighborhood, one man's survival is another man's nuisance.

"He walks around half naked," neighbor Angela Mancuso said. "He must be using this as a toilet bowl. It's really disgusting,"

Angry neighbors claim Fersedy bathes in a stairwell using a hose, relieves himself in the yard, plays his radio all night and walks around half-naked. They're also concerned about electrical wires running into his tent, as well as his hot plate.

Neighbors are also incensed over the dilapidated state of the six-family home.


Anonymous said...

I'll bet Bloomberg did this. Yep! Has his mark all over it.

Jeff said...

I was 100% for him being evicted from his home because the home was a danger to neighbors and him. But I'm 100% for him living in his yard. It's his property, and he's not endangering anyone living there.

Now the city should do something about his empty house before it falls over. Just evicting him doesn't make the house any safer.

Missing Foundation said...

was 100% for him being evicted from his home because the home was a danger to neighbors and him. But I'm 100% for him living in his yard. It's his property, and he's not endangering anyone living there.

yes yes yes. The property owner has the right to do anything with their property.

Live like a pig.

Put in a 9 story building.

Brick up a neighbor's windows.

You see, they CAN do something but this might put a tiny chink in the armor of development.

The rights of the neighbor who wants to live in a place is always secondary.

Anonymous said...

I think that maybe someone should help him, I don't think he's disturbed or troubled just down on his luck
and the city should do something about the unsafe building since he can't. Isn't that what the gov. is for? what else can the old man do?

Anonymous said...

He can move to Libya, where even the exalted leader lives in a tent! NOT! said...

According the the developers and real estate types running everyone is breathless that the community is getting new press.

Everytime they write something like this the rents jump! yadda yadda yadda.

All those absentee landlords are breathless alright.

All those new buidlings comning on line and the kiddies are flying back to Manhattan where an evern greater number of units (this time in a real community) are also coming on line.

Once you rent to Jose and Maria, or Jagish and Mehta then you always have that - and unlike 40 years ago, the building is not even a worn out slum, but shoddy barracks built to make as much money as possible.

This is what life is like in Astoria boys n girls. Think twice about living there!

Anonymous said...

Vallone is always powerless to do something about an obnoxious neighbor.

You should move. Let someone with less delicate senses take over, or better yet, tear down that 19th century two story house and put in a 6 story barracks.

Which is the point.

Unknown said...

this guy needs to face reality and just unload that place.
He can negotiate his fines and take whats left and move on.
I can understand wanting to hold onto what is yours but its clear that he's in over his head.

Jeff said...

MF - He's not bothering the neighbor. She never said the tent smelled bad, she said she thinks he's using it for a bathroom. She just doesn't like the idea of it, but the fact is he's a nuisance to no one.

Newtown Pentacle said...

Just for context, the church across the street from this fellow is Most Precious Blood, and its associated parochial school. Its 37th street between Broadway and 34th avenue.

Anonymous said...

Is his name Quadaffy?

Anonymous said...

"Once you rent to Jose and Maria, or Jagish and Mehta then you always have that"

QC at its best.

You should have a QC preferred member tag.

Anonymous said...

This the same guy who was in the news a while back for getting into an altercation with a building inspector.

TOV Research said...

Independent Engineers Declare the Fersedy Home SAFE:

•Robert A. Berge, PE, states, "the truth needs to be told." Letter 11-16-09

•Brian E. Flynn, PE, PC Fersedy Building Safe. Letter 12-11-09

Find truth posted at

TOV Research said...

Bloomberg did not do this... Valone did.

Several individuals associated with the Jewish Association for Services for the Aged in Manhattan have come forward and stated that false evidence presented to the court in the guardianship case of Mircea Fersedy is due to the influence of New York City Councilman Peter F. Valone, Jr.

Two JASA workers indicated Vallone used his official position on the City Council to influence testimony against Mr. Fersedy in a guardianship matter. One stated that the non-profit organization would lose funding. The other individual confirmed Vallones influence. A third individaul stated twice, "This should be dismissed." Further she confirmed that, "There is not a blur of mental illness."

Anonymous said...

Who want this Property??? Same owner owns the Property on both sides of this property!
What do you mean by half naked??? a pair of shorts and no shirt in July! This is what it looks like at any pool in the City... Sounds like the neighbor watched and takes notes .
Someone wants this property and trying to get it at a reduced City Auction Price!!! Send a letter to Peter Valone. Everything about this Property needs to be very Public . Looks like now some violation bills have been canceled!! wow I bet someone picks up a $680,000 accessed building for $75,000 at Auction or better yet by guardian of Mike for payment of legal fee's. This Case stinks...... Big Time.. Ask Peter Valone about this Case make him give you the particulars about it...

Roger said...

Update: This house, which was boarded up by the city and has been vacant for years, now has new scaffolding around it and a sign for a construction company.