Friday, October 23, 2009

Kim campaign contributions from overseas

"I am glad someone has taken the time to criticize the boy wonder, Kevin Kim. I took a few minutes to look at his CFB reports and was amazed.

Look at all the contributions from developers. If you've ever been to Flushing you know it is the most overdeveloped neighborhood in Queens.

And he has taken money from what appear to be non-citizens – people who live abroad. That's against federal law. If you're gonna raise half a million dollars, and almost all of it is from outside the city, you know there are big question marks." - anonymous

Foreign nationals may not make contributions in connection with any election--Federal, State or local. This prohibition does not apply to foreign citizens who are lawfully admitted for permanent residence in the United States (those who have "green cards"). - Federal Election Commission


Anonymous said...

On a few occassions I've left a comment criticizing Halloran or some facet of his campaign (well founded criticism), and it didn't make it onto the comments section. So hold on a sec... Yup, off my RSS feed. Don't need another blog that's an echochamber for its writers own view. So long!

Guess who ???? said...

I guess "Congressman" Ackerman's old Taiwanese cash pipeline, going back to the old Tommy Huang days, is drying up.

So he and his "newspaper" (the "Trib") support his gofer Kevin Kim to drill some new money wells in Korea and China perhaps?

Kim speaks fluent Mandarin by the way.

There needs to be a Congressional investigation into Ackerman, Michael Nussbaum (Donald Manes' accomplice), "Multi Media's" massage parlor ads, etc.

Some dots need to be connected!

I think I'm going to dash off a letter to the Congressional ethics committee RE Ackerman's possible connection to all of the slander and libel his newspaper is engaging in. There might be grounds for an abuse of power censure.

The House of Representatives can follow the money trail best!

If there's interstate money laundering involved here then the FBI can take over.

I just might pay their anti corruption unit at Fed Plaza, Manhattan a visit.

Queens Crapper said...

Number 1:

You never left any comments with well-founded criticism of Halloran's campaign.

And at least this blog has an RSS feed. You should look into one for your rag, Ruffles, as well as a comments section.

Also, why is Michael Schenkler listed as a "supporter" of Dan Halloran on Facebook if he is working for the Kim campaign?

Enjoy your trolling and good riddance.

Anonymous said...

It looks like there's an inv-Asian planned for the 19th district from abroad.

BEIJING and SHANGHAI...nice to see money coming in from a communist country into Ackerman's asswipe's campaign!

I think I'll contact the CIA or Homeland Security and let them have a look into things.

You never know where that money has been.

Deal with that "ruffles" and company!

Anonymous said...

I think Schenkler and Nussbaum are just fleecing Kim for the $80,000 he's forked over to "Multi Media" for running a rather mediocre campaign.

They win either way!

I wonder what additional cash Kim paid those two under the table to print Halloran hit pieces in the guise of news?

Anonymous said...

You notice how rabid and defensive Schenkler and "Ruffles" were this week in their columns?

They're losing it as sure as
Kim is about to lose the election!

I'll bet Schenckler's blood pressure was off the charts.

It shows through his uncontrollable emotions spilling into his editorial.

You're supposed to be cool in a fight or your skills will be of
the first rules of martial arts.

But I like least he's got a pair of balls!

Now "ruffles" is another story...always limp wristed on his keyboard.

Anonymous said...

HOLY SHIT...Kevin had to go all the way to Asia to tap three sources for financial support?

Whoa....wait a minute... you mean that Kim couldn't raise enough money in the district he's running in?

I guess he'll have no support at the polls either if he only raised 5% of his campaign funds in the 19th district.

WTF is going on here you bloated Congressman? Why are you supporting your boy Kim?

Were you already paid in laundered cash for that?

I hope the ethics committee puts a fiber optic line up your ass Gary to see what you've been hiding!

Anonymous said...

We've already got John Liu as our Chinese connection and now Ackerman is pushing Kevin Kim to be our Korean connection (Chinese too...since it was pointed out he speaks Mandarin).

H-m-m-m....and Congressman Gary sits on the East Asia Committee!


Something's very convenient for somebody!

Alan Gross said...

Guess who?

My letter went out on the 15th. The Crapster has a copy of the letter and cover letters as well! Stay tuned...

Anonymous said...

Kim needs to contact John Liu to learn how he funneled all that money. Epoch Times even uncovered how some people even stated they only made $50 contribution yet LIU had them listed to the maximum $2,500. Liu belongs in jail. I can't believe we have fishlips as our comptroller when he father was convicted of Bank robbery.

georgetheatheist said...

And what about you, Chronicle, Courier, Times/Ledger, Gazette, et al. You going to just lie back and observe without a peep?

I give Vicki Schnepps a bit of an accolade. She once editorialized about the Trib's whores, but then fell silent with the rest of the rags.

Anonymous said...

The Kimbots have been plastering Great Neck with ads - they don't even know where the City ends!

Anonymous said...

Now the "Trib" would never put this story up!

Ha, ha, ha....and they claim to do impartial reporting...yeah...right!

Bravo "Queens Crap"!

Anonymous said...

I love this blog!

Even with some of its always manages to get the scoop on the real dirt...or the real crap!

Hence its appropriate name.

This ain't like "Dishing (or douching) With Dee"!

Anonymous said...

The Kimbots are like the old Moonies.

Just wind 'em up and they go full steam ahead.

But like childrens' wind up toys they often wind up falling off the play table onto the floor.

Or in this case...wandering out of the designated district.

It's like those North Korean hypnotic gymnastic displays favored by "The General" to brainwash his citizens.

Anonymous said...


More like Kimchees...pickled cabbage heads!