Sunday, October 25, 2009

DOI busts Huang supervisor for bribery

From DOI:

ROSE GILL HEARN, Commissioner of the New York City Department of Investigation (“DOI”), announced the arrest of JIANGUO GAO, a construction company supervisor charged late yesterday with giving a DOI undercover investigator a $50 bribe to overlook violations at a Flushing, Queens construction site. DOI’s investigation was prompted by a report received yesterday from a City Department of Transportation (“DOT”) inspector that a supervisor at the site had offered the inspector “coffee money” when the inspector was checking to see whether an earlier violation had been cured. The office of Queens District Attorney Richard A. Brown is prosecuting the case.

DOI Commissioner Rose Gill Hearn said, “Bribing a City inspector to walk away from a violation is a dangerous move. We rely on inspectors to protect public safety, and attempts to corrupt them will result in arrest and prosecution. City employees who report corruption to DOI, as required, know that the law will be enforced even-handedly. This DOT inspector made the right call.”

GAO, 38, of Queens, is charged with Bribery in the Third Degree, a class D felony, which, upon conviction, is punishable by up to seven years in prison.

According to the criminal complaint, on October 21, 2009, at a construction site at Sanford Avenue and College Point Boulevard, a DOI undercover investigator walked through the site with GAO and noted violations of DOT regulations, specifically a blocked fire hydrant and the absence of a pedestrian path or walkway. GAO then led the investigator across the street, removed a $50 bill from his wallet, and handed it to the investigator, saying in substance that it was for GAO “not to

H. Rock Corporation, of 3609 Main Street in Flushing, is building new apartments at the construction site. Workers on the site identified GAO as the job supervisor.

The above screenshot was taken from an online DOB document.

Why do you think the inspector had $50 in "coffee money" in his pocket? And who only offers a $50 bribe? Sheesh...


Anonymous said...

Now if he had a fund raiser for Bloomturd and he and his friends gave $50 dollars each. He could have made a phone call and his violations would have been dismissed. The game has rules otherwise you get the "go to jail" card.

Anonymous said...

Stop fooling around with Huang & Sons, throw them in jail!

Anonymous said...

that was for this incident, what about all the other times?

Anonymous said...

It's funny how when Claire Shulman was first warned of Huang's scurrilous activities at the RKO Keith's Flushing theater many years ago, she always shrugged her shoulders and dismissed the possibilities of serious wrong doings such as bribery, etc. by Huang.

"He pays his taxes....what can we do"?...was her general attitude.

Crooked old cow...par for the course from an accomplice of Donald Manes.

And now she's hooked up good with Wellington Chen's "TDC" another Chinese connection.

I wonder what Huang's cousin John Liu has to say?

Anonymous said...

Councilman Avella proposed to have Huang barred from doing any construction business in NYC!

Whatever happened? Zilch!

Because a lot of people are in cahoots with Huang!

That far east cash pipeline keeps on pumping 24-7!

I'll bet Ackerman has his snout under the faucet every day for a good slurp of $$$$$$!

His East Asia Committee? Perfect!

Anonymous said...

Councilwoman Harrison, I believe, had once tried to have Huang declared a public nuisance under an existing state (?)law.

Supposedly, the attorney general's office refused.

And why was that?

Huang obviously has some special dispensation from on high somewhere...a sort of get-out-of-jail-free card!

From who?

Ask Congressman Ackerman!

They seemed to have been tight asshole buddies back in the day!

Ms. Tsouris said...

Julia Harrison was in Huang's pocket when he burnt down the Continental Fruit Store on Sanford and Main many years ago and threatened non- Taiwanese store owners and managers. He was a gangster supported by our local elected officials. Only Avella seems to have had a handle on what to do with Huang and his associates who are still in the business of exploiting Queens.

Deep Throat said...

Now...let's all look up "Tribco LLC" (formed in 2002) the parent company of the "Queens Tribune & Multi Media" to see if Huang or an affiliate is part owner along with Ackerman, Shenckler and Nussbaum!

It took a lot of dough to pay for buying back the Congressman Gary?

Maybe some of the loot came from Taiwan, China or Korea after being well laundered!

Got some silent partners overseas you trio of thug/propagandists?

I intend to contact the Federal Bureau of Investigation regarding any irregularities pertaining to this tomorrow morning!

There probably won't be any details to be disclosed after I've spoken to an agent because nobody is ever kept apprised of the course of any ongoing federal investigation.

Anonymous said...

John Gotti was known as the "Teflon don".

The Huangs appear to be the "Teflon developers"!

I wonder who's running interference for the Huangs?

John Liu's family (as in Alice Liu Huang)?

Knowledgeable One said...

Ms.'re an obviously don't know what the hell you're talking about!

You're most likely a Stavisky troll using the nom de plume of Tsouris...Yiddish meaning trouble n'est-pas?

Julia Harrison did take approximately $1,500 in campaign contributions from Huang. Look it up in the CFB on line listings!

But nobody else recorded their contributions that Huang was doling out to every candidate Republican, Democrat, etc. !

She probably didn't know what Tommy Huang represented at the time.

What she did to Huang later is more important!

It was through her office that numerous investigations were conducted resulting in Tommy Huang being barred from engaging in building or being connected to any condo offerings in New York State!

Now if you insist on mouthing off...pass it through your brain first and please do some careful research on the subject beforehand!

Anonymous said...

I personally find this story a bit strange. I suspect that there is more to it.

Based upon the timing, could this possibly be fallout from the recent arrests of six DOB inspectors, three of which are alleged to have mob connections?

Call me an optimist.

Ms. Tsouris said...

Hey "Knowledgeable One", YOU ARE THE "TROLL", you know nothing!!! I was a RESIDENTof Flushing and was involved in REAL COMMUNITY AND TENANT ORGANIZING at that time, you little brainless twerp, since you're busy bashing me!! I know for a fact what was going on at the time and you are some kind of Huang or Liu supporter trying to rewrite history. Or maybe you're Julia Harrison or a relative of hers. I know and lived the facts while you use distraction and insults to derail the conversation, you political prostitute!! Shutup you creep, you're the troll. I know exactly what I'm talking about and Madame Harrison was being bought and sold by Huang and his cronies. YOu can fling all the stupid insults you want but you're the stupid one here, I know the facts and you are the liar.

Anonymous said...

Only $50! If it were $5000, It will never be caught. There are over developments everywhere in the Tri-state area. But, in downtown Flushing, it would be trouble-some. You just do not know how close the airplans are landing over the roofs of the high rises. Where are the DOI on the crooked DOB inspectors ? Where are the FAA official on the over developments of the tall skyline of Flushing?