Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ceiling on their heads in Hollis

From NY1:

"Over the course of the last five years it's been a nightmare. We've gone with essential services just being neglected to nothing being done at all," said Hollis Court Tenant Association President Marilyn Mays.

Residents say they have pictures documenting the problems that went uncorrected for weeks including partial ceiling collapses, leaks and sewage backups. They also say the boiler for the 54-unit garden apartment complex was broken nearly two weeks before the landlord fixed it Wednesday morning. Many residents also pointed to what they say have been shoddy repairs.

While walking around the complex Wednesday, NY1 spotted some unfinished work and at least two stop work orders that were issued by the New York City Department of Buildings. Residents also furnished NY1 with a copy of a 2007 state order for the landlord to repair their courtyard, which has yet to be done.

"He knows how to go to court and make sure that you pay him, but when you want something done in this complex he ain't coming around," said Hollis Court tenant Pearl Wand.

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