Friday, October 30, 2009

Perv hanging out at LIC school

From the Daily News:

Parents of children who attend a Long Island City elementary school are on high alert after a sex offender moved in across the street.

Demetrius Edwards, who pleaded guilty to the 1999 rape at gunpoint of a 13-year-old Brooklyn girl, was recently released from prison. He moved to his parents' apartment, about 100 feet from St. Raphael School on 37th St.

Edwards, 30, moved out of the building last week, according to his father, William. But parents and school volunteers said he still lingers around the building during school hours, with his parents' dog - an attempt, they fear, to lure the interest of children.

And speaking of perverts, they may pose a danger on Halloween.

A child was also almost abducted in Astoria this week.


Anonymous said...

Those sickos need an old-school beatdown--no cops needed.

Anonymous said...

I think a video of this guy sitting on his parents step, then sent to NYPD, his parole officer, and the DA, will be all that's needed to get him back in a Rikers cell block. My understanding is that he can get plenty of sex there.

Mike Bloomperv said...

See, I do go into Queens.