Monday, October 26, 2009

How many different versions of this story will we hear?

The Kim campaign claimed their volunteers were attacked by football-throwing teens a couple of weeks ago. The version of the story keeps changing, however.

First, about a dozen teens yelled, "Kevin Kim sucks!" and "Asian men out!" as they tossed fliers backing Dan Halloran for the 19th District seat.

Then a group of young men sitting on a stoop yelled anti-Asian comments at them. “They yelled out some pretty awful ethnic slurs and one of them threw a football at our team.”

I'd like to see the stoop that a dozen teens could sit on. Seems like "Kevin Kim sucks" and "Asian men out" turned into "awful ethnic slurs" which would be more like one of these.

The latest version says The alleged attack, to which there were no witnesses, claimed the teens were carrying pro-Halloran signs.

So the stoop-sitting Asian-bashing teens just happened to be carrying Halloran signs?

Look guys, if you're going to make up a story, at least stick to one plausible version of it. As an astute commenter on the Queens Campaigner stated:

"As to the Fracas on the streets, they were in an area that is all camered up, and the deli’s are located at 19th avenue and Clintonville Street, 5 blocks from the parkway, and 4 blocks from Francis Lewis Blvd, 17th Avenue and Francis Lewis Blvd, 5 blocks from the parkway, and where just last week that tragic accident occurred... apparently geography is not the Kim’s Campaign strong suit."

Actually, the Crapper figured out that this info could easily have been found by using Google Maps Street View.


Anonymous said...

"So the stoop-sitting Asian-bashing teens just happened to be carrying Halloran signs?"


The "incident", alleged or otherwise, never happened. It's all bullshit.

Fed Up! said...

Remember that Trib cover of September 17th? Imagine a candidate being chastized because his "religion" did not include the worship of God. What do you think of the following?:

"Ackerman is spending more time in Queens to help get “reacquainted” with his new constituents and, he ended up discussing everything from benefits for illegal immigrants to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; from the need for campaign finance reform to his opinion that the word “God” should be taken out of the Pledge of Allegiance.

Ackerman voted “present” instead of supporting a House of Representatives resolution disagreeing with a court decision that said “God” didn’t belong in the pledge.

It was “a feel-good kind of thing” for Congress, Ackerman said, a sort of chest-thumping exercise, he implied, when he actually stood and performed the motion. The pledge “should be an independent decision, not a government one” according to Ackerman, and in his personal opinion, the word “God” should not be present. “If you want to believe in God, that’s wonderful…that’s choice. Under the law you don’t have to say the pledge…[but] I don’t know many kids who’d do that.” "

The source?

Is there no end to the hypocrisy?

Anonymous said...

Sadly, I have seen open anti-asian comments being thrown around in the area, but I see no proof the people who voiced those aweful things were from any campaign.

Halloran needs a record turnout and that may not be enough also. Lui supporters will be out there voting early (and often?)

Anonymous said...

Sorry to rain on your "It's all bullshit" parade- but these things are indeed happening! On Saturday, I volunteered and handed out lit for Kevin Kim and was verbally assaulted by mostly older women saying awful things about Mr. Kim. It's one thing to be an American and believer in free speech, like me- but it's pitiful and outrageous when people feel free to spew such venom and vulgarities that were all UNTRUE, and frankly- it made me want to do more- as this is all coming down to RACISM...plain & simple. I've lived and volunteered in my community for a long time and am ashamed at how racist people are getting, whether it be asian or gay or whatever these blockheads's a sad statement of our fellow neighbors' narrow minded bigotry.

Queens Crapper said...

Did the mostly older women spew ethnic slurs? Or did they say Kevin Kim was a shitty candidate?

Anonymous said...

it's a sad statement of our fellow neighbors' narrow minded bigotry.

Of course, you are assuming that the Asians welcome Caucasians and other races into their fold. Reality check. IT AIN'T HAPPENING! The problem is that most people in Queens cannot read Asian language media and do not know what demeaning statements are being made from that side. Racism is not OK from any side. How about commenting on the Trib's use of religious intolerance against Halloran. What? I am hearing the Sounds of Silence.

Anonymous said...

Bullshit, Asians do not discriminate against whites (others maybe). Then explain why Asians dominate the districts that have the best schools and lower then the-norm crime? Asians seek out white neighborhoods, they just aren't very freindly, neighborly, polite, clean.............

Anonymous said...

they just aren't very freindly, neighborly, polite, clean

Now THAT's bullshit! the lack of friendliness and not being neighborly are patterns of discrimination. The most important element here is the lack of inclusion by Asian populations of their neighbors. From personal experience living in Flushing, "white" people were welcoming Asian citizens into our neighborhoods and making attempts to make a community of all races of people. The attempts were not mutual. What planet did you just arrive from?

PS Don't you think that what you said reeked of prejudice?

Anonymous said...

If anyone here knew as much Korean and Mandarin as I do, then you would know that racism is just as bad, if not worse, in the asian community. I guess they feel safe thinking that they can talk about "round-eye" in the open, and most caucasians have no idea what they are talking about. Trust me, what they are saying about us is NOT good.

Anonymous said...

Did he work in a sweat shop with Johnny "fishlips" Liu?

Anonymous said...

No evidence has been produced so it never happened.

Sorry Gary and the 2 Mikes at the Trib/Multi Media!

Is this the best you can concoct for your client?

Maybe Kevin will represent the 95% out of district donors to his campaign.

Where will that leave his in district constituents?

There are still those out of country donations to worry about...Beijing, Shanghai and Seoul!

What are they buying in the 19th district?

No...I'm afraid that a lot of voters have already figured out Kevin Dukun Kim's agenda.

Have you noticed that Tony Avella HAS NOT endorsed Kim?

limited linguist said...

I might not speak Mandarin or Korean but I know the various curse words and derogatory references offered to non Asians.

I also know plenty in Japanese, Italian, Yiddish, Russian, etc.

They're fairly standard and easy enough to learn.

i.e. (phonetically) let's take a Japanese lesson:


"Skoshito"...little or tiny;
"o ching ching" organ reference.

Let's stop here.

You can probably find anything of this nature online in any language so you'll be able to know when you've been insulted.

Now when it comes to African Americans...most Asians are blatant racists!

Anonymous said...

19th district demographics:

65% "white" & 20% Asian.

Do the math.

Anonymous said...

How much is Kevin Kim paying his stooges to create false flag situations to garner votes? I guess the machine will do anything that it takes to win this election. Without Kim, and with Halloran, the community will be able to repel developers who are like vultures waiting for a meal! What will these ne'er-do-wells do next?

Anonymous said...

19th district demographics:

65% "white" & 20% Asian.

Do the math.
You just did the math. I don't get your point....

Anonymous said...

Figure it out yourself.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I don't get it either.

Anonymous said...

I'm guessing that if only 50% of the 60% "white" population turns out to vote for Halloran it will still beat out 100% of the 20% of the Asian voters turning out to vote for Kim?

Is that what you mean?

Next time use simpler math Mr. Demographics...after all this is Queens.