Thursday, October 29, 2009

Friends of Kevin Kim

Statement from Steven Stites, Spokesman, Dan Halloran for City Council Regarding Kevin Kim Consultant Michael Tobman:

“At what point does Kevin Kim have to answer for the questionable conduct of his staff and the people he has chosen to run his campaign? The unfounded name-calling and sleazy tactics have escalated into destroying Halloran signs on private property, moving from dirty politics to outright criminality are just a part of a pattern that has emerged since Kevin Kim unexpectedly defeated all of the more mainstream centrist Democrats in the primary on September 15.

We know Kevin Kim hired Michael Nussbaum of Multimedia/The Queens Tribune paying huge sums to do his hit pieces against Dan, including spurious attacks on Dan Halloran's heritage and faith. We know Kim was involved with a ‘bait and switch’ backdoor endorsement with the scandal-plagued Working Families Party, which is under investigation in multiple jurisdictions and is tied to the national scandals with ACORN. Add to that Kim's attempt to hijack the Independence Party's line by an ‘opportunity to ballot’ petition in August, which was fortunately thrown out by the Board of Elections because it was ‘riddled with improprieties in the signatures gathered.’ It’s a never-ending list.

Now we find out that Kevin Kim's newest advisor is none other than Michael Tobman. Tobman is an infamous lobbyist known for his Karl Rove-style gangster campaigns. He has been called by the Daily Gotham the ‘Sleaziest Lobbyist in New York,’ and he has admitted to violating a series of ethics and lobbying laws. These are the people being employed to advance the Kim campaign.

Tobman is infamous for his brand of dirty politics. Nussbaum, another consultant to Kim, is a convicted felon, dubbed the infamous ‘bag man’ for Queens Borough President Donald Manes by the New York Times for his arrangement of a bribe for a public official.

Voters in Northeast Queens want to know, Kevin Kim: Why you surround yourself with sleazy hucksters like Tobman and criminals like Nussbaum? And why do you insist on using their political playbook of dirty politics and mudslinging rather than addressing the issues?”

Speaking of sleazy hucksters...check out that endorsement photo. Looks like all the Donald Manes cronies have lined up behind Kim.


Anonymous said...

Nussbaum and Tobman are asshole buddies.

Anonymous said...

If he's friends with Granny Shulman, I question his choice of friends. Looks like he's lining up to be a cog in the wheel of the Queens Machine. Steer clear of this guy and his character. You can tell who a person is by the company he keeps. Vote for Halloran.

Anonymous said...

My Halloran sign was stolen a day after I got it!!!

Why are Kim's volunteers resorting to crime?

Fed Up said...

Does anyone know the status of Alan Gross' inquiry to Congress? Maybe the FBI needs to be brought in?

The Flushing Phantom said...

Stealing or slashing signs are petty crimes compared with what will be happening to your fine neighborhoods if Kim and his clubhouse cohorts should get in.

There will be loads of far eastern money made available to buy off DOB inspectors, Fire marshals, other name it.

The Tommy Huang bible is going to be followed verse by verse for sure!

Manes groomed Tommy Huang now the old cow & her associates are grooming Dukun Kim!

Watch out...for history might repeat itself!

Carol said...

I think all your concerns are grossly overstated.

The Cuomos are backing Kim - they are the BEST of the best in my book as far as character and ethics are concerned.

Anonymous said...

Shulman could really benefit from a few chemical peels.

Anonymous said...

The Cuomos are backing Kim

All the more reason to vote for Halloran!!!

Alan Gross said...

"Does anyone know the status of Alan Gross' inquiry to Congress? Maybe the FBI needs to be brought in?"

It has been 2 weeks since the letter was sent but no acknowledgement or reply. I hope my concerns are taken seriously. Since writing the letter, I have come across more interesting "connections" involving Ackerman and his cronies. I won't let the matter drop, even after the election. As far as the FBI, I would encourage others to initiate contact. I am only 1 person and it seems that there are enough of you out there to write letters as well. In numbers there is strength.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Kim has rented an apartment in the Bay Club, Its Apartment 5U at 2 Bay Club Drive, the block# is 5893, the lot# is 1608. His parents own an apartment at 1 Bay Club Drive, Apt 21F. Prior to 1986 They lived in Flushing at 144-77 Roosevelt Avenue. But prior to Flushing they lived in Astoria, at least that's what they stated on the documents on file with the city. Kevin Duk-Un Kim, his sister Lisa Soo Young Kim, His mother Soon Ja(a/k/a Sonja, Sonia) Kim, and his Father Chong Sang (A/K/A Charles, Chung, Chuin) Kim. I know this because on the transfer of ownership of a piece of property in the Bronx, all of the family sold the property to the parents. While this might not seem important, it shows a history of fabricating where you live, to garner the tax breaks associated with your primary residence.

In September of 2002 Kevin Kim bought a condominium apartment in the Vanderbilt Condominiums, at 235 East 40th Street, Apt 9A Block#1314, Lot#1071, for $275,000.There are several important things in Kevin Kim's life that are centered at this address, it's the address his law license is listed at, current to 2010. An attorney has to update this information when they move. He has failed to do so, maybe he didn't move. His Real Estate Brokers License is listed at this address, with a phone number for a law firm he no longer works at, His Construction Company, and his Demolition Company are both listed at this address, as is his mother's Real Estate Broker's License, and their real estate holding company too. On some of the real estate transactions his mother-his business partner, list this as her address, or 325 5th Avenue, in the Penthouse, or at an address on Long Island in Laurel Hollow, or several address's in Flushing.

If your wealthy, an can live anywhere, why sublet a small studio apartment in a building where your parents own another apartment (it's rented out, that's why) Why if your making millions a year in real estate deals, would you want to be a city council person, maybe its all that free property the developers will throw at his family, or the perks of office, or maybe he just wants to find out what life in a federal jail is like from the inside.

Anonymous said...

"Tobman says he's not doing any substantive lobbying for Shanghai Entertainment, but instead has been calling around the Hill to collect nice words said about Nussbaum that might help influence the Chinese."

wow, thats quite a business plan there Tobman. no wonder you smell and cant pay your rent. maybe you and nussbaum could hook up with that tub of lard schenkler, that pathetic weazle who is sitting around waiting to die, and printing his silly column so elected officals could jerk him off for ten minutes. how incredible a loser do you have to be that your lifes goal is to have john liu jerk you off for five mintues in the tribune office ? what a bunch of pathetic losers. panhandlers.

georgetheatheist said...

Shulman could benefit with a paper bag over her head.

Jack O'Lantern said...

Here's an idea. Please inform the Crapper crowd if you see any of the following wearing a costume or going trick or treating:

Members of the Schenkler family
Members of the Kim family
Members of the Ackerman family
Members of the Nussbaum family

You get the idea. Halloween is a holiday that has its roots in Celtic pagan traditions and I want to know how hypocritical any of these people are. I still don't think Schenkler has learned a lesson from his abuse of journalistic integrity. Oh that's right, I remember him using the term "advocacy journalism" which is another way of saying propaganda.

By the way, in this week's edition page 37 contains two Halloween stories. Don't forget to check out our hypocritical publisher's column "Not 4 Publication" on page 44. The headline reads, "Remember to Vote Early and Often". His rant concludes with a small piece entitled "EMAIL BOX" where he talks about taking his daughter to a Halloween store to get her a costume to "celebrate the pagan holiday of Halloween" and apparently he saw a couple of Halloran volunteers. Is there no end to the hypocrisy of the Schenkler crowd? It would be nice to have a snap or two of any of the aformentioned families so that the people of Queens can see this for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Carol is brainless, the Cuomos don't know what ethics are.

Anonymous said...

Regarding Kevin Kim...
"But prior to Flushing they lived in Astoria"

And so Kim perhaps did attend P.S. 150 and not 159??!? Another lie exposed!

Anonymous said...

If you think that the Cuomos are gods "Carol" may be in for quite a surprise!

The over developers are supporting Kim and the rest are going along for the ride.

Go and pull all of Kim's supporting pols' campaign contributions (on line) and you might find that the over developers have supported them as well!

Do some homework before Tuesday.

Most people spend more time reading reviews of electronic equipment they're about to purchase than looking into a candidate's background. can always buy insurance if your PC goes on the blink but how do you recall a bad candidate once he's elected...h-m-m-m-m?

Only after 4 years of doing damage to your neighborhood and that might already be too late.'s your cast it they way you wish...truly informed or uninformed.

Anonymous said...

Wow...thanks "Anonymous #5"...that makes the Kims look like gypsies!

Didn't the Staviskys maintain an apartment in Mitchell/Linden though Toby & Leonard lived in Beechurst to legally qualify being in the district Leonard represented and Toby currently represents?

The clubhouse/Stavisky playbook has been handed to Kim.

Anonymous said...

Bah...."Carol" is just a fabricated Kim troll.

Thank the Lord it'll all be over Tuesday.

The Flushing Phantom said...

That is a bag over Granny Shulman's head "George"!

She will unveil her true face (both of them) on October 31st.

B-O-O-O-O-O-O !!!

Anonymous said...

Stop the tweeding! Dan Halloran for MAYOR!!!

More Fed Up said...

Wow...thanks "Anonymous #5"...that makes the Kims look like gypsies!

This then begs the question, why has the media not picked up on this? Perhaps they are too preoccupied admiring their tweeded suits? This seems to be a serious breach of public trust and should have an impact on Tuesday's election!!!

Amused said...

That was a good post. Hey Skenkler, how does it feel to be bitch slapped? You sure opened up Pandora's box...and I'm not referring to a body part of one of your whores. He who laughs last, laughs best.

PS Are Kevin Kim and Gary Ackerman still talking to you? I wouldn't be shocked to hear that you are getting the silent treatment. You may have seriously damaged both of their careers!

Carol said...

Anon and handpuppets -

Andrew Cuomo goes after white collar dirtbags and puts them behind bars where they belong.

You don't like Cuomo perhaps 'cause you're one of the dirtbags . . .

Carol said...

Also Anon - you do your candidate an injustice with your smear campaign -

The damage to our neighborhoods by overdevelopment is DONE - and NOT just by the Asian contractors.

Who's been paying off the housing department to look the other way all these years too - the ASIANS? I don't think soooooo. . . . . . or perhaps a better question - WHO HAS BEEN taking the bribes?

In any event Kim is also an AMERICAN - since he is of Asian heritage, your assumption that he would be more sympathetic to Asian immigrants' concerns is frankly racist.

Anonymous said...

We'll go into Cuomo's questionable dealings after the election "Carol" (heh, heh, stay tuned).

So "ruffles" got a gender reassignment job...well hello "Carol" miss your cucumber?

Anonymous said...

"Carol" miss your cucumber?

Around here, she is in a pickle! Maybe she's gherkin' off???

Carol said...

"Ribbons" . . . hello to you too - miss your rhubard?

If Andrew Cuomo left his job today - thereby never again to help rid our society of bottom-feeding criminals - he has done MORE than most who have been in office twice as long.

I'm hoping he'll run for President in the future.

Carol said...

I'm surprised Ribbons that you are allowed to post your last comment which is of course offensive.

Anonymous said...

Carol said...
I'm surprised Ribbons that you are allowed to post your last comment which is of course offensive.

Ribbons? Carol is now hallucinating!

Dick Tracy said...

Did a little bit of checking and found this:

It is dated 4/30/09 and although this is a campaign contribution to a Boston race, I found this!

Kim, Kevin 235 East 40th Street, Apt. 9A New York, NY 10016 Community Affairs US House of Rep $500.00

This is for real. See it for yourselves. Did I scoop Ruffles? What is the definition of a carpetbagger? Is Kim really a Bayside resident? Stay tuned...

Anonymous said...

Is Shulman wearing a tweed jacket?

Dick Tracy said...

For someone who has lived in Bayside all of his life, this guy really gets around!!!

Kim, Kevin 43-23 Colden St., 18D Flushing, NY 11354 Lawyer Self $500.00

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

My Kim sign was TWICE. Sign stealing is inevitable, I didn't accuse Halloran volunteers of doing so... It could've been the lousy kids around the block. Nonetheless Halloran supporters should stop nagging about stolen property; What proof do they have that these were "Kim volunteers with knives". Halloran, good job sending out e-mails to everybody addressing an accusation.

Anonymous said...

Wow so the man moves around a bit. He travels. He's cultured and worldly. Do you want your politician to be dormant and live in a bubble? From these comments it seems that everyone's a hater when it comes to a politician that can learn from other places to make his own community even better. We're all interconnected and in my opinion, these cultural diffusion that Kim possesses is great for a candidate.

Anonymous said...

"Wow so the man moves around a bit. He travels. He's cultured and worldly... We're all interconnected and in my opinion, Wow so the man moves around a bit. He travels. He's cultured and worldly. Do you want your politician to be dormant and live in a bubble? From these comments it seems that everyone's a hater when it comes to a politician that can learn from other places to make his own community even better. We're all interconnected and in my opinion, these cultural diffusion that Kim possesses is great for a candidate."

I guess to be a Kim supporter one of the first requirements is to be a moron! Obviously this poster doesn't get it. He is misrepresenting his residency. He is claiming to be a life-long resident of Bayside but it is clearly not true. Don't you think that the community cares whether they will be represented by someone who is genuinely looking out for their interests rather than a carpetbagger? I met both candidates and Halloran is a heck of a lot more cultured and wordly than Kim.

By the way, moron, what is up with "these cultural diffusion that Kim possesses is great for a candidate." What does that even mean?"

Anonymous said...

why is Kevin Kim on record for donating money to a candidate Yoon
from 2 different from 40th Street, Manhattan and another from Colden Street, Flushing?

Where does this gypsy really reside?

In his rented Bay Club apartment in Bayside...moved into just last February...or somewhere else?

someone who knows said...

"Carol" is on crack.

She's more likely the creation of "buttons & bows"...aka Shenckler & Nussbaum.

Google "Shanghai Nights Entertainment Ltd" to see what Michael Nussbaum's been up to overseas. No wonder he runs whore ads in the "Trib".

How are things going with client Nussbaum and that corporation in far off Asia...grand lobbyist...Mr. Michael Tobman...recently moonlighting to serve Kevin Kim's campaign?

How convenient that Congressman Gary Ackerman still sits on that crucial Asia committee.

Great for greasing things up for everybody that's involved.

They'll catch up to you soon too Congressman Gary...just like that overconfident crook Brian Mc Laughlin!

Better watch you're back. You're getting older and sloppier...and uglier by the day...a veritable picture of Dorian Gray.

The federal boys might be knocking at your door on "the hill" soon.

You too Shenckler...and "ruffles:" have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

"Carol"...thanks for my new moniker "ribbons".

It suits me well.

Looking forward to verbally cutting you up into before.

georgetheatheist said...

DA Brown writes a letter to the Trib (see current issue) PRAISING its recent story on prostitution. In a paper that promotes prostitution?

Does he have his head up his ass?

Anonymous said...

Hey geniuses!

Who on this blog can actually tell the rest of us what the residency requirements are to run for a city council seat?

Queens Crapper said...

You have to reside in the district as of the day of the election.

claire said...

Kevin, you Korean hunk. Shake my hand now and when the photographer leaves, jump on my bones.

Uncle Sam (like my costume?) said...

"You have to reside in the district as of the day of the election."

Crapper. You have done it again! Isn't democracy grand!??! We have the best system of government that money can buy! Anyone got change of an Ackerman?

WTF said...

Queens Crapper said...
You have to reside in the district as of the day of the election.

Outrageous!!! Is there a loyalty requirement?

Queens Crapper said...

Nope. It makes it easier to import a tweeder that way.

For the state offices, you have to have lived within the district at least a year before. I'm sure they're working on changing that.

Anonymous said...

is not everyone confused ? Kevin Kim is actually running for president of the U.S.A. why else would his
campaign donations be coming from all over the world ?

vote for the real district 19 resident ,DAN HALLORAN.

Anonymous said...

Kim's "cultural diffusion" are most certain to make our communities better...heh, heh, least 10 "churches" and 8 whore houses per neighborhood.

That's the way things are done in Korea aren't they?

Anonymous said...

It's spelled "rhubarb" with a "b" not a "d"...bakka cho.

Unless you meant rub hard?

Anyway..."Zoni" offers classes in English at quite reasonable rates.

M Skenkler said...

"Unless you meant rub hard?"

Did someone say rub hard??

The Flushing Phantom said...

Just got a Kim hit piece that rehashes the message of the "Trib's" bigoted split font page.

(Yawn) the same old "pagan lord" horse shit et al.

Tired and desperate the three Michaels...Nussbaum, Shenckler & Tobman keep on reprinting old news.

Nobody cares about anybody's religion any more....dumkophs.
You shot your wads too early.

At least Nussbaum did....reading too many of his whore ads!

Anonymous said...

That's all right.

Halloran was forced to retaliate in his mailings by appropriately showing Kim's banners on construction fences.

A portent of what northeastern Queens' 19th district will soon look like soon if Dukun "the dark side" gets elected!

OB One said...

Yee gads Luke it's Darth Dukun!

May the force be with you.

Anonymous said...

My father used to say, "Show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are".

Kim surrounds himself with some very dubious friends. That's for sure.

Scoundrels and crooks seem to be running his campaign!

So what can he be hiding beneath his thin veneer?

Anonymous said...

I was Googling around and found this on another blog. Holy Cow!!!:

The Political Pagan

This is a blog that comments on both Paganism and politics in the United States, from a leftist-liberal point of view.

Anonymous said...
Turns out the pot may be calling the kettle Black. I am a Flushing native and quiet pagan and I heard through the grape vine that when Congressman Ackerman was asked what Kevin "Dukun" Kim practiced he laughed and declined to answer. a neighbor explained to me that Kevin is an adopted named and that Kevin Dukun Kim - Halloran's Democratic opponent is named after his paternal grandfather a pwerful Dukun. A native belief system indigenous to Java it has spread all the way to Korea where Kevin Dukun Kim was born. Superficially an Islamic faith it has a very strong and ancient belief in animism, ancestor worship, animal sacrifice and shamanism. The Dukun are respected and feared figures even in the most orthodox areas. Some Dukuns are feared for being very powerful practitioners of dark magicks.
A dukun is consulted when a person perceives they have an issue that has a supernatural or paranormal association. If a dukun is not known to the individual, their family or friends, word of mouth often creates a situation where the dukun will appear as if summoned, most especially in the case of possessions. Many highly prominent and highly educated Asians, even those with Western doctorate and masters levels degrees still employ dukun or soothsayers. Dukun are known to have curative powers. They may use incantations, herbal medicine, animal parts, inanimate objects, spiritual communication or guidance, prayers, offerings, the keris or any combination to effect their curatives. Dukun are believed to be able to communicate directly with malevolent and benevolent spirits. A Dukun practice involves drawing a half circle of food offerings, including opium and incense and weapons in the form of nails, class and needles. The dukun then chants a spell and actually asks spirits to embed the items in the victim’s stomach. So the difference between Halloran and Kim is that Halloran did not hide his faith. Either way though people in this North Eastern Queens neighborhood are going to elect a pagan.

October 21, 2009 9:00 AM

georgetheatheist said...

Does Dukun Kim have any interest in Dukun Donuts?