Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bloomberg uncomfortable in Queens

From the NY Times:

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg looked like he couldn’t get wait to get out of Howard Beach, Queens, soon enough. Former Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani couldn’t stop grinning from ear to ear.

That was how it went Sunday, when the two men who have ruled New York City for the last 16 years marched side by side in the Howard Beach Columbus Day Parade.

The conditions were hardly ideal: It was raining. It was a windy and biting 46 degrees. And the big Giants-Saints football game was about to start.

Mr. Bloomberg, glum-faced, did not look happy for most of the route. But with Election Day just around the corner, he had little choice but to make an appearance in a heavily Italian community that he hopes to win resoundingly en route to a third term.

As for Mr. Giuliani, who was wearing a Yankees (what else?) baseball cap, his reaction was more like, What rain? “I am very, very happy to be here in Howard Beach on this beautiful day to celebrate Columbus and to celebrate the community — a wonderful community that I always felt a great deal of fondness and closeness to.”


Anonymous said...

I am not a fan of RG but he really seems a to fit a lot better to the middle class than MB ever will.

Its come as low as this. RG really likes the Yankees. What does MB like? What is he he passionate about in NYC? He is just a big pimple on the nose of any sporting event he attends.

Should I care that a Mayor likes baseball, or any other sport? Of course not. But I have never felt so personally distant froma a candidate from a public office than I have ever felt from this turd.

There is one person with the rolled down sleeves that says that he wants to help the middle class. HOW? Mitchell Lama aint the middle class. I saw the debate. Mitchell Llama was his talk about how he was gonna help the middle class.

I live in Queens. Get no govt help, make what would be an ok salary ANYWHERE in the country but cant afford to live here. I have lived in this boro for the last 30 yrs of my life.

I am not lookin for a dime from anyone, but I am gonna pack it up and get outta here. This place is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

"Bloomberg uncomfortable in Queens"

Definitely saw that in Bay Terrace. In addition to him looking like he's got a pole up his ass, he looks so uneasy around us common folk.

Cold. Fish.

Anonymous said...

Giuliani fits right in with Howard Beach, Mayor Mikey, now that's another story. Probably wanted to hold his nose the whole way but pols will stoop to anything to get votes.

Anonymous said...

He's not Eye-talian, im suprised they didn't threaten him with bats or chase him onto the highway.

Anonymous said...

Poor King Bloomberg has to mingle with us peasants.

Anonymous said...

Of course he is uncomfortable in Queens. He's afraid he might get the cooties from the common folk. Once all the idiots of NYC re-elect him, you won't see him in Queens until he is ready to run for a fourth term. I'd like to make him uncomfortable by NOT voting for him. If there are any sane people out there, please don't vote for Bloomburg. Dump him while we have the chance to.

Single Women Rule said...

The Beatles went to Queens. Why is it so tough for Michael Bloomberg?

He should take his whiney ass back to Boston.