Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wallowing in a pig sty

From Street Socialite:

Isn't it horrible when you walk down a street and you see nasty dirty garbage all over the place? I don't think I have ever seen it like this though. There are three things that anger me the most about this situation.

Why do we pay so much money when
1. no one picks up the garbage,
2. we have only one trashcan every six blocks in queens and in other busy areas of New York
3. the residents of New York City are so disgusting.

I can't understand why people would throw so much garbage on the floor. I'm no tree hugger but how could you throw your trash around a tree. Something that gives you air to breathe, something that can make the ugliest places look so beautiful, or just a piece of life that has so many purposes to us. I walked down the street of Junction Blvd. in disgust that day. I was ashamed to live in NYC.


georgetheatheist said...

A relative of mine recently visited from Europe. He asked me what were all those black round blotches on the sidewalks? I told him expectorated dried-out wads of chewing gum. ("Pttuuuii!") He realized he was in a different country.

Anonymous said...

Please give us the exact locations so calls to 311 and local elected reps can be made. Terrible situation!!!

Anonymous said...

That's "Diversity" at it's best

A Bette NYC said...

This has absolutely NOTHING to do with the city....unless a garbage truck exploded, but I doubt it.

This is a direct reflection of the residents of that neighborhood.

Tell those, disgusting, lazy, third-world country immigrants to clean up their street!

kingb said...

of course we're "not allowed" to say this, but anyone with a brain and a shred of honesty knows that certain demographics are mostly responsible for these conditions.

They are sometimes referred to as vibrant.

"Honest Joe" Crowley's Friend said...

I noin no wha ya tooken abo. Mi Amigo, Hones Joe, he make me feeel especial.

He geeeve me many thingk and I like theese boro.

The trash, in mi coontri we geet mucho rain. It gon in de mud neext day.

Ef you doin have grass, it happen here too. I doin like grass. Alays have to cut et.

Dirt mucho betta.

Anonymous said...

No, can we blame this on Bloomberg? That's what you're supposed to do here. Bloomberg must be responsible, don't you know that?

gov. arnold schwarzenegger said...

Ach, det "Honest Joe" Crowley's Freund. Zuch ein Talent. Anudder gut von on der Kveens Crepp! Har-har-har.

Anonymous said...

This is the result of unlicensed food vendor all from third world countries. Illegal aliens are throwing the garbage where ever they want and kill trees how ever they can. Cut them down, pour oil on them, tear off branches.

Don't you know trees are racist and get in the way of illegal aliens progress? so trees must be destroyed.

Their main mission of illegal aliens is to invade and conquer. We Americans are supposed to pick up their crap.
and how dare you say anything about it?
check out what illegal aliens do to pigeons.

Anonymous said...

That must be Flushing or Corona or somewher along the 7 line.

But heh, if you can make it here you can make it anywhere.

Give Me a Break! said...

Their main mission of illegal aliens is to invade and conquer. We Americans are supposed to pick up their crap.

Ah, this website fights for the rights of aliens, even illegal ones, as for example, lack of schools and hospitals that overdevelopment brings - even the party hacks look in the other direction on these issues.

Illegal aliens are exploited by people, many who live in Landmark Districts, that own buildings, own apartments, and employ them ignoring the laws that are set up to protect every one.

People that post like this are hacks - you know - the same ones that tell people not to go on this site - and get their news on Tribune, Gazette, Chonicle, or other similar rag.

Anonymous said...

If they want those street cleans then schedule a press event for Bloomberg and it will be clean before the King's arrival.

Anonymous said...

Don't know why everyone is appalled about all the garbage in Corona. It makes the illegals feel like they are back home, but with health and welfare benefits.

Anonymous said...

This is what Helen Marshall, Peter Fucking Ass Kisser Vallone Jr. and Mayor Bloombag are suppose to be taking care of but have never. The landlord in front of this travesty is responsible for taking care of this. If they were held accountable for this, IT WOULDN'T HAPPEN IN THE FIRST PLACE. It's called Pro-Action! There are laws on the books that fine these landlords but no one is enforcing them. These demagogues rather raise out taxes and drive us out of our city instead of going after legitimate fines like these.