Friday, October 30, 2009

Walk on the wide side in Woodhaven

From Lost in the Ozone:

I kept my camera at the ready while I smoked another cigarette, and much to my surprise up through the grating came a timid, docile looking opossum. He stood there long enough to let me take a couple of photos and then down the hole he went again.


Anonymous said...

It's amazing to see these wild creatures in NYC.
I've had a couple go through my yard.
I wish I'd gotten a photo of one.

I suppose now we'll be hearing the usual negative rants on wild life from the haters out there.

For me the existence of critters like these in the often hostile NYC environment gives hope to us all that WE TOO CAN SURVIVE!

Anonymous said...

I hope the douche Bloomberg doesn't see them. He kills anyone that doesn't pay the high rents in this city

linda said...

omg.... i would of freaked out seeing that come out.. it's an oversize rat!

Anonymous said...

Some have been spotted in Elmhurst and a friend, who lives in Middle Village, has a family of skunks living on her block. Rats, Raccoons, skunks, opossums...thank God Monserrate is lurking in our neighborhoods!!!!! Slam, bang to the moon!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Actually, this animal is not even remotely related to a rat, it's a marsupial, the only one living in America.

It is highly resistant to the diseases that would concern us such as rabies and is non-aggressive.

It has a short lifespan since frightened people often unnecessarily kill them.

This animal eats insects and bothers no one.

Anonymous said...

Ive seen a few in Astoria and would rather see them than the huge raccoons that get into everything. From what Ive read too they are non aggressive.